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Fortnite x SNK: 3D maneuvering armor, where to find it in Chapter 4?

by Ana Lopez
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Fortnite has finally deployed the content of its most ambitious crossover of the season and invites us into the world of SNK! In addition to skins featuring iconic manga characters, Fortnite offers unique gameplay through the three-dimensional maneuvering armor. This is an important gear in the manga, and it allows you to soar through the air to descend on your targets.

In addition, this item will allow you to complete various challenges as soon as it becomes available. To find it, the easiest way is to go to the Jaeger Family Cellar, Anvil Square !

Where can I find the three-dimensional maneuvering harness?

Fortnite: Battle Royale

The three-dimensional maneuvering harness is an object mythical, but it has the good taste to show up everywhere according to your games. You will be able to find it in floor loot, chests and trunks of the Scouting Battalion. That said, the best place to get it is the Jaeger Family Cellar in Anvil Square.

Indeed, in the basement of the building indicated by the mark above, you will find special chests that have a very good chance of granting you the coveted object.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

How do you use the harness?

In game modes where it is allowed, the armor is one of the best items you can get. It offers a lot of mobility, like Spider-Man’s Gauntlet in previous seasons, but it can also hurt a lot!

You can attack opponents with melee using the only one armor, aim and then activate a charge. Each hit deals 70 points of damage, but be careful because each attack uses your armor.

Note that the 3D maneuvering armor also pairs really well with the lightning spears, as you can use them in the air to dominate enemy positions!

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