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Fortnite Slide Rail: Where to Find Them in Chapter 4 Season 2

by Ana Lopez
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What would a new season of Fortnite be without the new mobility features? This second opus of Chapter 4 is also not stingy with freshness at this level, especially the Rails of sliding, which we can admire from the trailer. With these air ropes you can move quickly in Mega City.

one of the very first challenges of the season will also ask you to reclaim 100PV or shield points on a sliding rail. this challenge lets players discover that they can do something other than simply slide on a sliding rail!

Where can I find slide rails?

You will find a large number of slide rails at mega city. This gargantuan city is impossible to miss from your dive into the battle bus, with all its tall buildings.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

The sliding rails are yellow colored ropes. You can find them above the streets but also along the edges of buildings..

How do I regain HP or shield on a slide rail?

To regain HP or shield on a sliding rail, there is no magic recipe; you must apply a healing or shield item to yourself while riding a rope !

  • Therefore, the first step to take if you want to complete this challenge is to collect care utensils or shields.
  • There’s nothing stopping you deliberately hurt yourself when your meters are full so you can apply your items to the tracks. Falling four or five floors can get you injured without dying in Fortnite.
  • Then start a slide down a rail while using a healing item.
  • Note: Some tracks end abruptly. Make sure to slide on rails that are long enough so that the healing item’s channeling is not interrupted.

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