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Fortnite Holocoffre: Where to Find and Open in Chapter 4 Season 2

by Ana Lopez
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The new season of Fortnite is full of new features, but it is precisely this old feature that allows you to earn no less than 25,000 experience points for your battle pass. The Holocoffers are indeed back on the island, and even if they become a secondary feature, opening them will still be very profitable. One of the first challenges of the season will ask you to search no less than 5 of them. The challenge may seem laborious if you know you need keys to open them, but with this trick the locks won’t hold you back for long .

Where can you find keys and holo deals?

Fortnite: Battle Royale

A simple method to find keys in large numbers is to talk to the NPC CRZ-8whose hole is in the middle of a bamboo field, north of Mega City. The character sells keys of Holocoffers for 100 gold bars each. Don’t buy more than four in any game!

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Then head northeast to the rally car circuit. Right next to the ice cream truck, four Holocoffers are waiting for you! The location of the holo-sacrifices is indicated on your mini-map by a padlock icon.

A quick but expensive method

Holocoffers allow you to get your hands on high-end gear. This method has the advantage of saving you a tedious search for keys, and this technique allows you to complete the challenge in two very quick parts.

Only downside: it’s very expensive in blocks!

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Where can you find Slide Rails?

The new season of Fortnite has made an impression around the world, especially thanks to its futuristic mobility features. For example, you can spin in Mega City using the Slide rails.

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