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Exclamation mark Sons of the Forest: What are those strange purple dots on the GPS for?

by Ana Lopez
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When you arrive at the mysterious Forest Island in Sons of the Forest, you will very soon be given a GPS as a built-in guide for your future adventures. Only here some of the elements indicated there are not really obvious to many beginners in the game, starting with these curious purple and green exclamation marks that are visible everywhere. We explain everything in this guide!

Purple Exclamation Marks: Meaning in Sons of the Forest

On your GPS, obtained from your first step on the island of Sons of the Forest, you will soon see curious blinking purple exclamation marks. Like anything that flashes, it’s likely to catch your eye without really knowing what to expect. Fortunately, we know what it is, you no longer have to suffer in vain from these excruciating “beeps” while searching in vain for something!

Sons of the Forest

These purple dots actually represent the location of GPS locators left by other people who have been there for you. Concretely, they indicate human activity, and in general even that of monsters, of course. However, when you get to the place indicated by one of those purple exclamation marks, often enough at first glance you won’t find much of interest, leaving you feeling like you’ve been fooled into giving up the other such points . But put that idea out of your head!

These dots, as mentioned above, indicate the presence of a GPS Locator. You should therefore find a hanging, impaled or even buried corpse in the area that you have to free to discover a GPS Locator on it, a small object that is a priori useless and that will, however, be of great use to you for your Simplify farming of food, wood or just about anything you want! This is exactly why they act as sort of major points of interest in Sons of the Forest, they’re almost your almost your main quests, so to speak.

Meanings of green and white dots in Sons of the Forest

The other very important elements visible on your GPS are those curious white dots surrounded by a green circle and another white one. Like the purple dots, these also indicate the presence of human activity. Only this time it is usually vehicles that have been left behind and whose built-in GPS you detect.

Sons of the Forest

It is of course impossible to retrieve that GPS from these machines. However, at each of these circled white dots you will basically find a “small” cave that is not indicated by the cave icon normally displayed on your GPS. Inside you will discover many things, starting of course with dirty critters, but also many useful components for your progress, although unnecessary. These caves can also contain bunkers, which are real supply nests that you will undoubtedly have to rob in no time.

Sons of the Forest GPS Locator: How to Use Them Properly

GPS locators will be very important as you explore Sons of the Forest Island. Placed in the right places, they create points right on your GPS and can even help you track Virginia, your super friend with 3 legs.

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