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Diablo 4 timeline: When does the story take place compared to previous games?

by Ana Lopez
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If Diablo IV really doesn’t come out until June 6, 2023, it will already be possible to play it thanks to the closed and open betas in March. So if you’re interested in the lore of this fourth opus, whether you’ve already played the previous installments or not, you might be wondering when exactly the story takes place. Blizzard knows how to do it on the cinematic side and it’s natural to want to know more about Lilith, Inarius or even the world of Sanctuary.

When does Diablo 4 take place?

In the very first episode of Diablo, there wasn’t that much of a story. All you had to do was fight hordes of demons until you reached the final boss: Diablo. The lore really started in Episode 2 and enriched with written works.

We’re not going to tell you the whole story of the third episode with Tyrael, Leah or even Malthael, but know that Diablo IV takes place decades later Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Malthael’s campaign has killed 90% of the population of Sanctuary and left the world in ruins… The gates of heaven are closed and the angels have completely abandoned humanity. After what seemed an eternity of exile, Lilith (daughter of Mephisto, mother of Sanctuary and of humanity) was called to Sanctuary by a dark ritual, for which the Triune is responsible (it is also through this kinematics that the game begins and thus the beta).

Diablo IV

Here’s a brief timeline through the various elements of Diablo’s lore:

  • Millennia ago: creation of sanctuary by Lilith and Inarius
  • 1263: History of Diablo I
  • 1264: Story of Diablo II (and birth of Leah)
  • 1285: History of Diablo III
  • Believed around 1305 (twenty years after Diablo III): History of Diablo IV*

*The character Lorath, a D3 NPC, is present to confirm that D4 takes place not too long after the events of the third part.

Diablo IV

The story of Diablo 4

And if you want to know more about the scenario and main characters in Diablo 4, we invite you to consult our dedicated guide below. So you will understand who is Lilith and why it is she who is at the heart of the story (and not Diablo), but also who is the angel Inarius and where is Tyrael?

Diablo 4: Explaining the story and Lilith’s return

Where is Tyrael? What happened to the Nephalems? If you’re not an expert on Diablo knowledge, the cinematic announcement of Diablo IV may seem incomprehensible. Here’s a recap of past events, as well as a recap of the history and circumstances leading up to Lilith’s return.

Note that Diablo IV’s Closed Beta and Open Beast only cover Act I of the story and a few side quests. We will therefore have to wait for the full release of the game, in June, to learn more and finally know the full scenario.

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