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Diablo 4 Silent Chest: how do you get a Whispering Key?

by Ana Lopez
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Besides monsters, quests, and Shrines of Lilith, you’ll also find plenty of chests in Diablo 4, which is pretty normal in a way. But there’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself in front of inaccessible loot.

Diablo IV

Where can you find Whisper Keys?

Currently, as far as we know, there is only one way to get these keys. Have to go in the city, in Kyovashad or in certain villagesand join the conversation Seller of curiosities. It is the equivalent of Kadala from Diablo 3 and Bets from Diablo 2. He sells various mysterious items in exchange for a special currency, Obolswhich, of course, you get on your adventures, but especially in the event chests on the world map. You have a choice, you can bet on mysterious objects, hoping to get lucky, or buy Whispering Keys, at 20 Obols the unit, to open the silent chests you come across.

Diablo IV

Contents of silent chests

It is difficult to say which is more profitable at the moment, betting on items or buying keys with Obols. But having a few keys to judge for yourself is certainly not a great loss. So far, all the Silent Chests we’ve opened have had disappointing content, containing only blue items. But maybe we were unlucky.

Diablo IV

Location of silent chests

While the topography of the Diablo 4 world map is now fixed, with key locations such as dungeons permanently positioned, this is not the case for all elements. Silent Chests are treated as mini-events. There are several places where they can appear, but there is no guarantee that you will find one of these chests there. It can be a different type of chest, a group of monsters or a repeatable mini quest. A map showing the possible positions of these chests will be made available after the game is released, when we have more information.

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