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Diablo 4 Server Status: Closed Beta Live Queue Tracking and Maintenance

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Diablo 4 Server Status: Closed Beta Live Queue Tracking and Maintenance

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Early access to Diablo IV started at 5pm on Friday, March 17th, but as you might have guessed, the number of players is huge. So much so that queues on Blizzard’s servers can be daunting. In this article you can find the status in real time.

After years of waiting, it’s finally time for some players to finally touch Diablo IV! Early access (closed beta) is available from here Friday, March 17 at 5 p.m but as with any popular game that uses servers, you’ll need to be patient before you can enter Sanctuary. If you’re wondering why your game isn’t launching, if the queue has gotten a little shorter, or if Blizzard’s game is undergoing maintenance, you’ve come to the right place.

This article is updated approximately every 10 minutes.

Server status: is it possible to play Diablo 4?

The closed beta has just launched globally. It can now be used on Battle.net.

Don’t leave the line once you’re inside even if the countdown is over but the timer continues. This will take you back to the beginning of the queue…

Unstable servers

5:05 PM : the closed beta is now launched! Close and relaunch the Battle.net app to play it. You will then see the message “in connection queue, awaiting authentication” with a timer. To wait.

5:40 PM : Disconnected from the game. The servers are unstable, but it should come back. Unfortunately, you have to restart the game and redo a queue estimated at over an hour. Your character may not have been saved.

Diablo IV
Diablo IV

Some known bugs

Since this is a beta version and not a final version, here are some bugs already known to the developers that you may encounter during these 4 days:

  • One of the cutscenes may freeze your game. Don’t hesitate to skip it if that’s the case.
  • In-game voice chat functionality is not stable,
  • Performance optimization is still in development. You may encounter some frame rate issues depending on the machine used,
  • All dialogues have not yet been translated into French,

Getting started with Diablo 4: tips and advice

Here’s a guide to good practices and habits you can adopt in Diablo 4, whether you’re new to the license or just want to make sure you understand the differences from previous games.

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