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Diablo 4 Secret of Spring: Side Quest puzzle solution

by Ana Lopez
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While most of Diablo IV’s side quests aren’t terribly complicated, simply asking you to eliminate a few hordes of monsters, guide an object, or defend NPCs, some are a bit more difficult to tackle if you haven’t been listening . well to the tutorial or you are not used to games like Lost Ark (to mention the most recent). Indeed, this fourth opus of Diablo now offers some features are carried over from MMOs such as the creation of a clan, the opportunity to meet World Bosses or even the use of emotions. It is this last element that interests us today.

The Secret of Spring: walkthrough of the secondary quest

  • Obtaining the quest : Broken Peaks, icy expanse. Climb the ladder to find abandoned banknotes frozen to the ground. This activates the search automatically.
  • Objectively : solve the riddle “Avatar of warmth in the embrace of winter, patience rewarded by nature, our mother.”
Diablo IV
Diablo IV

To complete this quest, go to the blue circle on your map. Once in front of the water crater you need to use your emote wheel (E on keyboard or up arrow on consoles) and theemote “Waiting, expecting”.

This will bring up a garbage box that you can open to complete the quest and collect the rewards.

  • Awards : 1040 xp, 360 coins + 3 pieces of iron and 1 hanging knife.

How do you customize your emote wheel?

Normally, the “Wait” emote is not one of the shortcuts available in your emote wheel. To select it, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the emote wheel (E on keyboard and up arrow on consoles),
  2. Click on “Edit”,
  3. In the list on the right, click “Wait” and move the emote to the desired location of your wheel,
  4. Click on “Save” otherwise the changes will not be taken into account,
  5. Now use your wheel and choose “wait”.

You will have to perform this operation several times, as other side quests work in the same way, as do altars to activate to obtain bonuses.

Diablo IV
Diablo IV

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