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Diablo 4: How do I get an early access open beta code?

by Ana Lopez
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When a special beta is hosted by Blizzard, many players desperately search for an access code. Diablo 4 is no exception, with its two short beta sessions, each for a weekend. Those who miss their chance will have to wait until its release in early June to play it. There is no miracle cure for getting a key, and there probably won’t be one for everyone.

  • For the record, you need a code to enter thebeta early access March 17-19.
  • You don’t need a code to participate in the March 24-26 Open Beta.
Diablo IV

Ways to get a code for Open Beta Early Access

Pre-order the game

This is by far the easiest and most reliable solution, but also the most expensive. That makes it an undesirable option if you don’t feel like buying it, pay full price for the game or are (rightly) against pre-ordering. Pre-order during the beta weekend, you can get the code instantly and play right away, just in case you ever regret it at the last minute. It is also possible to place a pre-order, receive the code and then try to get your purchase amount back afterwards on the platform you went through, but the result of the process can be quite variable. Blizzard has already declined some refunds, so here it is not negligible risks that you will not get your money back.

Place a Double Down order on the KFC app

No, it’s not a joke, even if the news has already caused some discomfort. Leaks about the restaurant chain’s partnership with Blizzard appeared on Reddit before being picked up by WoWhead, and many players were disappointed not to receive their code after ordering chicken online. The exact terms are unknown at this time, but an official announcement should be forthcoming 9th of March. Expect there to be restrictions, especially regarding your geolocation, it is not certain that the operation will take place in France. The receipt of the code would be linked to the online order of the sandwich Double Certainly https://www.kfc.com or the app. News would soon be on the Official KFC Twitterwho has already given some clues, indicating that the cooperation is indeed planned.

Diablo IV

Take part in one of the many contests organized by Blizzard

The studio likes to distribute keys in a variety of ways, whether it’s on social media, at events, or by proxy with influencers and the press. It’s hard to list them here, but if you’re desperate for access, monitoring Blizzard sites and the network can open up several opportunities for you. It also happens that users simply dump their code stash on a site like Reddit or some obscure forum, forcing visitors to find a still valid code in the hopes of using it in time. These matches should arrive in the next few days.

If necessary, the other possible sources of access codes will be added here in the coming days.

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