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Diablo 4 Conjuration Sorcerer Build: The Ultimate Open Beta Build!

by Ana Lopez
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Currently, the Sorcerer promises to be the most powerful and flexible class in Diablo 4 as they have a gigantic number of possible abilities via enchantment. This makes it possible to make combinations that the developers did not see coming. The mechanics of the class also lend themselves very well to overwhelming synergies. This Summoner build is certainly the build that is considered the most powerful in the beta. It’s not made to show off your first levels, but once all the elements are unlocked, nothing can stop it.

Gameplay and building principle

Nearly all of the build’s DPS rely on summoning Hydras, which benefit from numerous bonuses via Legendary gear and talents. For his part, the wizard is immortal, as he benefits from passively offering a barrier every time he uses a technique with a cooldown. Since he has enough defensive skills to cool down, he can reinforce a huge permanent barrier, while the Hydras decimate his enemies. We also use a maximum of incantations to activate the extra damage bonus through the passive. This means that Ice Blades apply the Vulnerable effect, although these spells are not directly relied upon for their pure damage. Builder link.

Active skills

Here’s our suggested choice of skills in the skill bar. However, you will have to spend a few unnecessary points on basic skills to unlock the sequel. Also keep in mind that there are alternatives in the choice of skills. Whenever possible, try to collect items that give bonus points to these abilities, especially the Hydra.

Ice sheets 1

Reinforced ice blades

Magiced Ice Knives


Fortified Hydra

conjured hydra

Lightning spear 1

Later ranks and upgrades are optional.

You can replace this spell withUltimate intense cold, to get both a very powerful defense and an AoE tool. But the charging time is much longer.

Teleport 1

Later ranks and upgrades are optional.

Ice armor 1

Later ranks and upgrades are optional.

Fire shield 1

Reinforced fire shield

Flaming fire shield

Passive bonuses

We only list the main passives, required for the build to function, that are used to reach the next level points requirement. There are other useful passives.

Devastation 1

Point required to unlock next level.

Powerful protection 3

Other points needed to unlock the next level.

Magicianship 3

Bonus damage for each spell.

Alignment of elements 1

A solid defense bonus, which also unlocks the desired passive.

Protection 1+

Your cooldown abilities are barriers, it’s fundamental to this build.


At level 15, you unlock a quest that allows you to choose a spell that passively grants you a specific bonus. You are spoiled for choice, the possibilities are endless. Please note that you must put at least 1 point (via equipment if necessary) into a skill in order to activate it. To make certain choices profitable, the selected spell must be enhanced as much as possible, when it is a copy activated by the spell (eg: Ice Nova, Fireball, Meteor). Here are a few suggestions:

Fire flash

Since your Hydras will blast enemies with projectiles, they will take tons of fire damage over time. The bosses will melt.


The build lacks AoE, so with this spell, killed enemies will unleash large devastating explosions.

Diablo IV
Diablo IV

Legendary powers and aspects

Powers are no longer necessarily tied to specific items, you can extract and administer them through the Occultist and the Power Codex. Here’s a list of the main powers you’ll need for this build:

  • Allows you to summon an extra active Hydra, but shortens its duration.
  • Increases damage dealt based on your remaining mana. Because you are almost always at the maximum, it hurts.
  • Increases damage while being protected by a barrier.
  • You deal more damage to vulnerable targets when under the influence of a barrier.

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