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Diablo 4 Achievements: Overview of the in-game trophy system

by Ana Lopez
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Diablo 4’s Achievements system is very reminiscent of World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, as it works exactly the same. It allows you to track your performance as a player, across your characters and seasons. It’s not mandatory and you don’t gain power from completing the listed challenges, but you can still unlock titles, probably some cosmetics, and maybe even a little pride when you compare your achievements with your friends.

Diablo IV

How it works and rewards

The principle should be familiar to you, as the Achievements are automatically validated by participating in various activities. A notification appears on the screen when you make progress towards completing them, or in the chat window when friends complete one. So there is at least a small social aspect for those who pay attention. It’s entirely possible that Showdowns similar to Diablo 3 Seasons will return when Diablo 4 Season 1 opens. Expect a message to be sent to all players celebrating the first character to reach max level or beat a certain difficulty.

Different titles are unlocked with Achievements, so you can create a combination of words under your character’s name, for example: “Mighty Adventurer”.

A more concrete example, and how participating in the beta unlocks titles and a wolf pack, in the full game. These items are tracked through in-game Achievements.

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Types of achievements

Almost all of your in-game activity is tracked in challenges, whether it’s slaying monsters, collecting gold, breaking gear, or opening chests. This can be a way to learn about the existence of certain in-game features and activities, such as The Butcher, extremely rare mobs, or world bosses like Ashava, but other than that, it’s best not to worry about it ahead of time. worry too much about it. to be pretty much done with high-level content. Challenges are divided into these main categories:

  • Overview
  • classes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Performance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Extreme
  • Samples

If you want to unlock everything, you have to play every class and spend some time in Extreme mode (Hardcore). If you are ambitious and want to get 100% it will be difficult as even the Extreme part requires 10 players during PvP activities. We imagine those who are going to risk this sort of thing are not very numerous at the grassroots, and those who do anyway risk being well prepared. You will have to hope to find some misguided beginners.

Diablo IV

Diablo 4 content spoilers

An attraction of Achievements is that they allow you to discover the contents of Diablo 4 in advance, even if their list may not have been exhaustive. We can discover there what seems to be the list of the main bosses of the different acts, for example:

act boss

  • Astrooth
  • Andarielle
  • Duriel
  • Lilith

World bosses

  • Ashava
  • Stinginess
  • Wandering death

Other bosses


  • Six acts and an epilogue are listed.

high-level activities

  • infernal waves
  • whisper
Diablo IV

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