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Currency Summoners War Chronicles: how to optimize the different currencies available?

by Ana Lopez
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Com2us MMORPG Summoners War Chronicles is available. This game offers you different currencies that you should not overlook during your adventure.

Currency Summoners War Chronicles: List of in-game currencies

First, we’ll take a look at each of the currencies present in the game. Please note, here we are talking about currency and not resources specific to exchange or improvement. So we will not talk about monster parts, tokens from the Tower of Trials or improvement stones. Now that the aside is done, it’s time to tackle our topic. There are 5 currencies in total

  • Gold : base currency of the game used for most of your needs (improvement, outfit creation,)
  • Crystal : virtual currency that can be purchased with real money and allows you to purchase packs, tools, inventory enhancements, or summonses. It also allows to obtain additional entrances for the dungeons.
  • Arena Coins : currency used to obtain items in the arena shop.
  • Guild Coins : Currency used to obtain items in the guild shop.
  • rahild : currency used to buy items from other players or obtain crystals.
  • raid token : currency used to obtain legendary quality equipment.
  • Submission sign : Allows you to obtain equipment in heroic or ball quality.
  • Shield of the Knights : Exchange currency in the Two towers shop.

For the rest of this guide, we’ll return to the main trading currencies that need to be optimised.

Summoners War Chronicles

Gold Summoners War Chronicles: how to optimize this currency?

While it is a basic resource and very easy to obtain, it is possible to optimize your gold by avoiding it at all costs. Here are some tips we have to avoid wasting your money.

  • Not maximizing your low rarity runes and gear.
  • Simply upgrade your gear to the equivalent of three times the rarity (e.g. 1 star equals +3)
  • Do not improve the skills of monsters you are not going to play.
Summoners War Chronicles

Crystal Summoners War Chronicles: how to optimize this currency?

Crystals are precious and you shouldn’t take pleasure in wasting them, even if the game gives you a lot of them. As we said above, it is the paid virtual currency that sooner or later will be used by missing out if you play as a free-to-play player. To avoid getting there, here are some tips to keep your crystals warm for as long as possible.

  • Don’t use them to summon.
  • Do not buy slots or other items from the store with your crystals unless absolutely necessary. In particular, avoid Essences, Enhancement Fragments, and Rune Enhancement Stones, as they are readily available resources.
  • Prioritize refilling the dungeons you need the most.
Summoners War Chronicles
Summoners War Chronicles

Summoners War Chronicles Arena Coin: How To Optimize This Currency?

Arena Coins are only obtainable by doing Arena PvP content. You can then use them in the special store, but be careful because some items are much more relevant. Find out which one below.

  • Diablemon 5 stars and 4 stars
  • Arcenmon 5 stars and 4 stars

For everything else, it’s up to you to see what you want, but if you want our opinion on the other useful objects. We recommend that you use your coins for the opponents after taking only the Arcenmons and Diablemons.

  • Operation Commander’s Outfit (or the outfit available at the time of viewing this guide)
  • legendary parchment
  • mystic parchment
  • 5 star and 4 star monster parts

Anything emoji, shapeshifting, or mounts is up to you if you need or want to take them.

Summoners War Chronicles

Summoners War Chronicles Guild Coin: How To Optimize This Currency?

When you participate in a request for your guild, you are given tokens to use. With this you can get a lot of rewards. These are the ones we advise you to take first.

  • The Stellar Melody Outfit (or another outfit, depending on when you’re viewing this guide)
  • Monster parts with 4 and 5 stars
  • The different parchments available

You can also bring the following items with you:

  • The mountains
  • Legendary collectible gloves
  • The legendary pickaxe
  • heavenly stones

Again, nothing prevents you from taking what you want and focusing on other purchases.

Summoners War Chronicles

Shield of Knights Summoners War Chronicles: how to optimize this currency?

The last currency we’ll come back to in this guide is the Knight’s Shield which you can get through the Tower of Heaven. There is only a store for this currency and it is as interesting as the arena or guild store. Here are the priority items we recommend.

  • Outfit of unyielding will or equivalent in heroic quality.
  • Fate’s Call outfit or equivalent in legendary quality.
  • Monster parts with 4 and 5 stars.
  • Mage’s investigative journal.

You can also take the mounts with you however, if you want them, they’re not a priority compared to what we’ve listed above.

Summoners War Chronicles

Please, you know what to prioritize and how to properly manage your different currencies within Summoners War Chronicles.


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