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Coop Diablo 4: How to play multiplayer and create a guild?

by Ana Lopez
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The Diablo IV servers, while not very stable yet, launched at 5pm on Friday, March 17, and many fans around the world with access to the closed beta can now roam a snowy world filled with Fallen and other remnants of abandoned cities. If the adventure can be done all alone, some may prefer to experience it with others. Here’s how!

How do you play in a group?

On consoles it is possible to play directly in local co-op with two players as well as online.

On the PC, first make sure you have the people you want to add to your friend groupBattle.net app to find them more easily in your list. Otherwise, it is possible to group a person who is around you in the game.

  1. Open the main menu and go to the “SOCIAL” at the very top of your screen (press the “O” key on your PC keyboard directly),
  2. You will then see your list of Battle.net friends and you can scroll through the options of any of them to do soinvite to your group or join his group. Be careful, an error message may appear indicating that the game version is not the same. Restarting the game is the only solution, even if during this closed beta it means queuing again.
Diablo IV
Diablo IV

Remark : To unlock the multiplayer instances and see other players from around the world pop up on your map, you need to arrive in the first major city in the game, Kyovashad, and talk to the NPC with the white horse.

Diablo IV

How do you create a clan?

Diablo IV is no longer just a “simple” Hack ‘n’ slash and now offers many features of MMOs. So you can make your own guild (or join an existing one) by going to the “CLAN” menu (N on keyboard) next to the Social tab. Creation is free and only requires entering a name and a tag (a prefix placed before your guild’s name).

To add a member to your clan, you can go back to the Social menu, view your friends list and choose the Add option.

Diablo IV
Diablo IV

Getting started with Diablo 4: tips and advice

Here’s a guide to good practices and habits you can adopt in Diablo 4, whether you’re new to the license or just want to make sure you understand the differences from previous games.

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