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A booming business Zelda Breath of the Wild: how to complete this quest?

by Ana Lopez
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To do this, the latter will ask you to find competent people throughout Hyrule with a small contribution in bundles of wood between each stage to build the village of Euzero on the map of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Where can you find the goron Shantieh?

You can find Shantieh on the road to Goron Village in the Southern Mine. Small clarification: you can only talk to him when it’s dark (by the campfire). After recruiting him, he will open a gem shop and Grosaillieh will ask you to bring him 30 bundles of wood to take the next step.

Where can you find La gerudo Kornuieh?

You can find the Kornuieh gerudo in the Assek Bazaar in front of the city. The young woman is right next to the inn on the corner. By recruiting her, Euzéro will enjoy a new clothing store. To go to the next stage, Grosaillieh will again ask you for 30 bundles of wood.

Where can you find the Pervieh piaf?

Pervieh is lazing quietly at one of the starting points of the Piaf village. She is immediately convinced and goes straight to the village of Euzéro to open a grocery shop there. To complete this step, Grosaillieh will ask you for 50 bundles of wood.

Where can I find the Zora Klavieh?

This time, Grosaillieh will make you a rather special request, and to fulfill it, he will send you to find a Zora priest.. In the fishmen’s domain, go talk to Klavieh who is in the basin below the domain’s throne room, you should have dealt with him when you went through.

Last stop: Serasieh

Finally, Grosaillieh will simply ask you to invite his two former colleagues to Euzéro. Direction Elith, near your house, so that the two men go to visit their friend in the village of Akkara. And so ends this common thread quest!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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