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Relationship app Flames, formerly known as Sparks, has launched its revamped app and introduced a new AI-powered Ask Me Anything tool in time for Valentine’s Day. While there are tons of dating apps on the market, there aren’t many that focus on keeping the spark alive after you get into a relationship. Flamme targets existing couples who want to introduce new and fun experiences into their lives and also improve communication in their relationship.

The app, which initially launched while the company was exhibiting at Battlefield 200 at businessroundups.org Disrupt last October, has received a new interface. Flamme CEO Ankit Nayal told businessroundups.org that the redesigned app includes feedback from beta users and is easier to use than the original app.

“With our launch at Disrupt last year and the feedback from the community, we were able to understand user preferences and issues much better,” Nayal told businessroundups.org. “We integrated it into our current product and expanded the range of tools available to strengthen relationships. In addition to helping couples have a good time, we are now also helping to improve their communication.”

Nayal and his team created Flamme with the aim of addressing some of the common challenges faced by couples, communication and busy schedules. It can be difficult for partners to find time for each other and maintain intimacy and fun, so Flamme wants to provide a platform for couples to strengthen their relationship and stay connected.

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The company has added a new AI-powered “Ask Me Anything” tool that allows users to ask relationship questions. For example, you can ask about popular date locations in New York City. Or you can ask about unique ways to propose to your partner. The company has tested the tool on the Web for the past few months and is now bringing it to its mobile app.

The launch of the new feature comes as AI has become an increasingly hot topic in recent months, especially with the launch of ChatGPT. Nayal told businessroundups.org that he sees AI playing a bigger role in shaping the app’s future.

The app contains daily discovery questions designed to help users learn more about their partners. Users can only see answers if both people in a relationship have answered a question. Flamme also has a date planning feature that uses an ML powered recommendation engine to help you plan date nights. In addition, the app includes a relationship tracker, shared bucket list, reminders calendar, and more.

Some may wonder why they need an app to stay in touch with their partner. To that, Nayal says that Flamme isn’t trying to replace communication between couples, but instead wants to make communication more efficient while also helping users keep the spark alive with their partner.

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