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Sharon Stone Brother Patrick dies at age 57

by Ana Lopez
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Sharon Stone’s brother Patrick has passed away, the actor said Monday. He was 57. The ‘Basic Instinct’ actor said in a heartbreaking Instagram video that her brother had died of a heart attack.

He is survived by his wife Tasha Stone and their two children. Riverstone, who passed away in August 2021 after being discovered in his crib with “total organ failure”, he was also fathered by Patrick. A week later, River would have celebrated his first birthday.

“Like any family, we thank you for your love and support during this time of immeasurable grief, and we appreciate all of your condolences,” Stone said. loss” that her family had navigated through over the years.

“My heart feels like it has been ripped out of my chest. Patrick went to our dear river about 3:30 this morning,” she wrote, according to People. “I don’t know what else to say, he was my world.”

“I knew I was going to marry him the moment I saw him. I instantly connected with him, and for the next 20 years we were wildly passionate about each other while being incredibly in love with each other at the same time. Without my best friend I feel rudderless.

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“I hope you two are having a good time, and I’m glad River has at least his dad with him now that it’s all over. Please give him the biggest hug and kiss on our behalf and ask him to stay out of trouble.

Sharon Stone also shared photos of her brother in a separate post:

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