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4 Best Letter Writing Apps for iOS

by Ana Lopez
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You’ve decided to begin writing letters using the iPhone or iPad device, but prior to beginning to write, the first thing you must find the best writing software from the App Store.

iPhone or iPad both excel for writers, providing a different features and experiences. On the other hand, with iPhone you can write whatever you’re at, regardless of whether creating a report for your office, writing your novel or writing an applications for transfer certificates.

There’s a broad selection of writing applications that are available in the App store, from basic text editors to fully-featured writing suites. Below are the 4 most effective apps to get the writing process going on your iPhone or iPad.

1. iA Writers

iA Writer is a complete writing tool that not only lets you simplify the process of writing, but also supports Markdown that is something all writers must know about. The app has a simple and clear interface to ensure that you can concentrate on writing.

It is loaded with extra features like syntax highlighting which allows users to highlight the verbs, adjectives or conjunctions. Having adverbs, verbs, conjunctions or nouns within the document highlighted. This offers a pleasant experience from beginning to end.

2. Pages

Pages app lets you bring everything you love about writing directly onto the iPhone device. Pages lets you make any type of documents using different styles, templates and shapes that best suit your needs.

Pages also makes it simple to work with others regardless of whether they’re located using iOS, macOS or Windows. The app allows users to access a password-protected document with Touch ID.

3. Ulysses

Ulysses is an app that allows you to write long-term on iOS devices. It provides a clear and intuitive interface that lets users to fully immerse themselves into the writing process. Ulysses also includes built-in markdown support as well as preview mode.

The app has a variety of useful features for dealing with grammar mistakes, editing and formats which give it an advantage over the other apps on this list. When you’re finished writing, you are able to save the work in various formats including Doc as well as PDF and HTML.

4. 1Writer

1Writer is an excellent option that has a stunningly created design and user-friendly interface. It also supports markdown. One of the best features is that it works with both the iCloud Drive as well as Dropbox to allow sync across iPhone or iPad.

It has a variety of awesome features, including auto save, a stylish library, syncing, and more. After you’re finished the writing, you can export your project in various formats like PDF or plain text HTML or Final Draft.

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