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Everything you need to know about eRestaurant

by Ana Lopez
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eRestaurant is a is a software fully designed for resturants ,bars and food chain startups and SEMs. eRestaurant provides end to end  solution for  well designed and developed app. It is Reliable, fast, and secure digital ordering solutions for multi-location restaurants. It can easily synced with your operations, systems, and brand.

What Is Offered by eRestaurant?

eRestaurant is a software that allowes it’s admin or desiger to manage Billing & Invoicing, Built-in Accounting, Employee Management, Inventory Management, Reporting/Analytics at one place.  You can get these featues in one place of erestraunt software. The e-Restaurant provides an online system for making reservations and ordering food before going to the restaurant.

Some Frequently Asked Question About eRestaurant:

#1: Who Are the Users of eRestaurant?

The main group of users of eRestaurant are personal, Startups, SEMs and Enterprise. Basically who want to utilise the benefits of eRestaurant can use this.

#2: What Language Does eRestaurant Support?

eRestaurant supposrs English as the primary language. English language is the supported language.

#3: What Platforms do it support?

It is available both in Desktop and Moblie platform. For Desktop platform it is availble as Web and supported in both windows and Mac . It is also availble in IOS and Android Platforms.

#4: Is Platforms Online or Offline?

It is available offline.

#5: What is eRestaurant pricing model?

As a user you can pay monthly/yearly or one time for lifetime use.





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