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We are in the pruning phase of technical layoffs

by Ana Lopez
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Hello and welcome back to Equitya podcast about the business of startups, where we unravel the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

It’s time to sit back, my friends, and take a look at the week we’ve just had. Now in the summer in this part of the world, we’re running out of things to talk about? Not in the least. Here’s the overview Mary Ann And Alex:

  • A new Chinese AI model made us wonder who will really win the AI ​​war and whether governments will play a role – perhaps not the role they expect.
  • A founder funded by Founders Fund is now funding other founders at Founders Fund: Yep.
  • Sticking with the venture theme: Is it possible that venture AI models are actually creating a less biased landscape for entrepreneurs? Connetic Ventures thinks so!
  • Two pieces of good news: layoffs in the technology sector have declined dramatically and slowing inflation could herald the end of interest rate hikes, which could bolster technology valuations. Or at least cut some of the pressure.
  • Finally, since Twitter is doing what it usually does when a competing service takes off, we wondered how other social media services are doing. We are more familiar with one than the other.

As always, Equity will be ready for you early Monday morning. Talk soon!

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We are in the pruning phase of tech layoffs by Theresa Loconsolo, originally published on businessroundups.org

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