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VC Dayna Grayson talks about TAM at businessroundups.org Early Stage • businessroundups.org

by Ana Lopez
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Do you dream of becoming a dominant player and capturing your total addressable market (TAM)? Who can blame you? But one of the most common mistakes many startup founders make is calculating a TAM that isn’t necessarily accurate or obtainable.

Understanding TAM is essential to startup success, especially in a down market when VC dollars are harder to come by. That’s why we’re excited to have Dayna Grayson, co-founder and general partner at Construct Capital, join us on stage at businessroundups.org Early Stage on April 20 in Boston, Massachusetts.

In a session titled “How to Tell Your TAM,” Grayson will help you understand what TAM is and what it isn’t, and how founders should discuss this vital metric with investors.

If you don’t know your TAM from your serviceable addressable market (SAM) or serviceable avoidable market (SOM) — and even if you do — Grayson will shed light on what you need to know, pitfalls to avoid, and how to get an accurate picture of your TAM.

All TC Early Stage sessions leave plenty of time for Q&A, so take advantage of Grayson’s expertise and ask your questions.

Dayna Grayson is a co-founder and general partner of Construct Capital, a startup that invests in founders who build technology to transform the fundamental industries of our economy – from manufacturing to mobility. As one of the first venture capitalists to transform these industries through software-based models, Grayson supported companies making strides in manufacturing, automation, and vertically integrated consumer brands.

Grayson focuses on early-stage investments and investments in the accelerating change within industries that make up half of our economy’s GDP. Some of Construct Capital’s investments include Copia, Veho, Hadrian, The Rounds, and Verve Motion.

Prior to founding Construct Capital, Grayson was a partner — and principal investor from the earliest stages — at NEA. She has sat on boards of directors including Desktop Metal, Tulip, Onshape, and Framebridge, among others. She also led investments in Guideline, Formlabs, Evenly and Neural Magic.

Grayson is a graduate of the University of Virginia (Systems Engineering) and Harvard Business School, where she today serves as a venture partner.

businessroundups.org Early Stage sessions give attendees plenty of time to participate, ask questions, and walk away with a deeper, working understanding of topics and skills critical to startup success. Buy an early-bird founder ticket now and save $200.

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