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How to detect spyware on your phone?

by Ana Lopez
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Our identities in virtual reality have become inseparable from our real ones. Everything we do on the web, including sending messages and sharing photos and videos, helps create our digital personas. There are several ways to prevent police, cybercriminals or anyone else from digging into our private lives. Those prevention methods include using virtual private network systems, using browsers that cannot be tracked, and end-to-end encryption. Here learn how to spy on your phone without physical access.

Spyware is a malicious program that can be installed on a user’s device without their knowledge. Its purpose is to penetrate and hack the user’s information, which violates the privacy of the latter and carries the risk of misuse. Currently, spyware is the most common threat to Internet users. Once on a device, it starts monitoring and controlling internet activity, stealing information and sharing it with third parties. Spyware is usually used to hack into a user’s bank account, card numbers, or other valuable information, which can be beneficial to a spy. In addition to stealing information, spyware is used to detect a user’s location. It can also help the installer to listen to the phone calls of the owner of the device and read messages.

How do you detect spyware from your phone?

If you occasionally receive an unusual or suspicious email or social media messages, it could be the first sign of spyware. Once you receive such messages, you are strongly recommended to delete them without opening them. The messages contain striking headlines to make the message more attractive to victims. If your device keeps installing strange applications, not working properly, etc., you should check for spyware.


A giveaway program on Android devices gives access to other applications that can be downloaded and installed outside of the Google Play Store. When this is done you will get a sign that a jailbreak has occurred; however, not all spyware requires this. Most modern Android devices allow users to find unknown programs in the system. To check, follow these steps;

  1. Go to Settings,
  2. then security,
  3. And click “Allow Unknown Sources”.

Here’s another way;

  1. Go to the Apps,
  2. Then click Menu,
  3. Choose Special access,
  4. And finally click on Install unknown apps.

However, this does not guarantee that the spyware will immediately appear in the list. Some types of malware use special icons and generic names to avoid detection. If a search process turns up a suspicious program that you’ve never downloaded or are unfamiliar with, a quick search can help you understand if it’s spyware.


iOS devices, compared to Android, are more difficult to install spyware if you haven’t used a zero-day exploit. You can use iPhone spy app without jailbreak to detect if your phone has been hacked. There is an application called Cydia that can be downloaded and installed on a jailbroken device and can help you detect suspicious programs on your phone.

Other signs of the presence of a malware program

If you unexpectedly notice that the handset battery is draining quickly, overheating and something strange is happening with the operating system, it could indicate the presence of spyware on your device. Unauthorized surveillance is illegal and unethical. In general, many can suffer from this. However, if your gut feeling is telling you something is wrong, you should listen to it. No matter the cost, any material is not worth your security and privacy.

You can completely compromise the situation by erasing the previous operating system from your device and uploading a new one. Your household applications remove any spyware program. However, make sure that the spyware does not find any other way to threaten your privacy. If you have kept a piece of critically important information and if someone else has access to it, it could cause huge problems, then you better turn to the authorities. They can help you conduct an in-depth investigation, revealing what kind of spyware is installed on your phone and even who did it. In general, it is easier to handle such situations with the help of a professional team that knows how to solve the problem with the least damage, rather than just competing with hackers.

How do you detect spyware from your phone?

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