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Top 5 strategies for generating creative content

by Ana Lopez
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Owner of award-winning digital marketing agency Bold Digital Architects, co-host of the Real Life Superpowers Podcast.

As the founder of a B2B content marketing agency, I know that creating valuable content for tech startups is no easy task.

With so much competition, it can be challenging to come up with new ideas that capture the attention of your target audience.

However, it’s no secret that content creation is crucial in building trust and brand awareness.

By consistently creating content that meets the needs of your audience, you establish your brand as a trusted source of information, increase your reach and, probably most importantly, position yourself as a trusted advisor, keeping you top-of-mind becomes when your potential customers want to seek advice or make a purchase.

Let’s take a look at my top five tips for generating fresh and engaging content ideas for tech startups:

1. Ask your audience/customers

One of the most effective ways to create content that resonates is to simply ask your audience and customers what they want. This means understanding your audience’s challenges and pain points and creating content that directly addresses those issues.

To start, consider conducting regular surveys and research to better understand the needs of your target audience. You can also engage directly with your customers by kindly asking Customer Success/your sales teams to join the conversation and gather feedback and ideas, or reach out to your customers via social media or email.

Let’s say you run a B2B SaaS startup that provides project management software for remote teams. You can conduct a survey to find out what challenges remote teams are facing and then create content that addresses those challenges. These could be blog posts, ebooks, podcasts, or webinars on niche topics that answer challenges such as “Navigating Time Zone Differences: Best Practices for Managing Projects Remotely” or “Resolving the Remote Onboarding Challenge: Best Practices for New Hires.”

2. Search Quora/Reddit for ideas

Another effective way to generate content ideas is to browse online forums such as Quora and Reddit. This means finding discussions and questions related to your industry or niche and using them as inspiration for your content.

Let’s say you run a B2B fintech startup that provides accounting software for small businesses. You can browse Reddit and Quora to identify common questions and concerns small business owners have about accounting. You can then create content that addresses these questions and concerns, such as blog posts on “Streamlining Payroll With Accounting Software: A Step-by-Step Guide” or “Maximizing Tax Credits for Small Business Owners: Opportunities and Strategies.”

3. Reuse your top performing content

Repurposing your top performing content is a great way to maximize your efforts and get the most out of your existing content. Converting your best-performing blog posts, articles or videos into different formats can help you reach new audiences and generate more engagement.

Here are a few ideas for reusing one piece of content:

Make it a Twitter thread: Split your content into a series of tweets and post it as a thread on Twitter. Make sure to use relevant hashtags and tag relevant users to increase visibility.

Make short videos of them and upload them to YouTube and social media. Tools like Animoto or Biteable can help you turn your content into video.

Create a presentation with the main points and publish it on Slideshare. Tools like Google Slides or PowerPoint can help you create a presentation with these key points.

Design quotes from them and share these images on social media to drive engagement. Tools like QuotesCover or Pablo can help you create visually appealing images with quotes from your content.

Use Q&A, Reddit, and other niche forums to explain the main takeaways. Search for questions related to your content on these platforms. Create helpful answers based on your knowledge and expertise.

Syndicate it on Medium, Business2Community or Growthhackers to reach new audiences.

Share it on Hacker News. If your content is particularly relevant to the tech industry, consider sharing it here. This platform is frequented by tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who may be interested in your content.

4. Expand your best LinkedIn content

Your content on LinkedIn can be a great source of inspiration for new content ideas.

This means taking a closer look at your top performing LinkedIn posts and seeing if there are any topics or themes that you can dig into. For example, if your audience has shown a lot of interest in your post about the latest trends in your industry, you can expand on this by creating a series of posts that dig deeper into each trend and provide insights and analysis that your audience will find valuable.

5. Ask ChatGPT

I believe AI language models like ChatGPT provide a huge opportunity for marketers to generate fresh and innovative content ideas.

ChatGPT is an AI language model trained on a huge amount of data and as such can help generate content ideas that you might not have thought of otherwise. You can use ChatGPT to find ideas for your content by simply entering a topic or keyword.

For example, if you are a tech startup specializing in cybersecurity, you can ask ChatGPT for content ideas related to “cybersecurity for small businesses” or “the future of cybersecurity”. ChatGPT can then provide you with a list of ideas that you can use to create blog posts, social media content, or even video content.

Remember, the key is to stay creative, stay curious and always be on the lookout for new and innovative ideas. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating content that sets you apart from the competition and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

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