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Shoot stunning aerial shots with this AI-powered drone, now just $149.99

by Ana Lopez
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Sometimes an businessroundups.org’s best business ideas can come from a new perspective. And what could be more inspiring than seeing the world from new heights? Whether you’re new to flying drones or an experienced flier, there’s a whole new world to explore with a AI powered drone. It can also be a great tool to promote your brand and post on social media.

Capture HD photos and videos at the click of a button with this technology-packed drone. The AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly Camera Drone is easy to use, hands-free and retails for just $149.99 with no coupon code required.

The AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly Camera Drone is a super lightweight, pocket-sized gadget equipped with the very latest AI-Powered Autofly technology that makes using the drone feel like magic. Just throw it in the air, watch it fly and take photos, selfies, group shots and more, then watch it fly right back at you.

With the AI ​​technology, you will enjoy 12 MP HD photos and HD videos. The wide-range option is great for large groups – as it takes two wide-angle shots from 1.5m away, while the zoom option takes two close-ups from just 6.5m away, with AI technology ensuring the framing is right . If you choose the video option, it flies 6.5 meters away and shoots 15 seconds of HD video before flying back towards you.

You can set up instant social media sharing with the companion app on your device. And if you plan on shooting a series of photos, you’ll appreciate the 16GB of built-in memory that provides plenty of storage space. It can fly for six minutes at a time, with a wireless range of 60 feet.

Take photos from a new perspective with the AI Powered Autofly Camera Drone from AIR NEOcurrently on sale for $149.99 for a limited time – no coupon code needed.

Prices subject to change.

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