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The Untold Truth of Jim Carrey’s First Wife

by Ana Lopez
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Melissa Jaine Womer is mostly famous in the entertainment industry. While she may be unknown to some, she is better recognized as Melissa Carrey – a result of her marriage to Jim Carrey. Melissa has dabbled in various aspects of the industry, acting in multiple movies, doing her time as a producer and also writing her own pieces.

Early life and family

Other than the knowledge that she was born on July 8, 1960 in New York City, USA, there is little else to say about Womer’s childhood. Even her birthplace is unconfirmed due to the anonymity she has been rewarded with her life before fame.

Melissa’s family was reportedly dysfunctional, and as a result, she goes to great lengths to keep the identities of her parents and other relatives out of the public eye.


Melissa attended primary and secondary school in New York and then went on to study at the University of Kansas, but it is not known what subjects she studied. While in college, she began her forays into the entertainment industry, doing odd jobs at radio stations and writing jokes for local newspapers.


Since she only really came to the public’s attention as a result of her relationship with Jim Carrey, her debut in the entertainment industry cannot necessarily be pinpointed.

However, one can follow the trajectory of her career over the years.

The Comedy Store

On her way to Hollywood, Womer got a job as a cocktail waitress at the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard. Although this was not the most prestigious job and not compatible with fame, she got the chance to participate in a mic night, and from then on her fame only grew. She quickly became a favorite character in the comics across the board.

Screen time

Melissa Womer’s career is deeply entrenched in the comedy and humor industry. Her first known movie was “Petrocelli” in 1984.

Melissa Wormer

After this performance, her career went through a bit of a dry spell, until she was finally cast in 1999’s ‘Man on the Moon’, arguably her most famous venture. She didn’t enjoy the success of the man she would one day marry and divorce, Jim Carrey, but she did establish herself in the entertainment community.

Writing and directing

In 1997, Womer earned her first production credit working on the movie “Real Stories of the Donut Men”. Despite her work on this show, she still received little to no credit for her contribution.

She was not upset by this and went on to direct the comedy series “The Yesterday Show with John Kerwin”, which only lasted one season in 2004 and did not return for a second season, failing to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews. This is the last we know about her professional career.

Private life

Today, Womer keeps well out of the public eye, preferring to live a private life far from the dictates of the media. However, before entering this phase of her life, she was in the limelight for the relationship that brought her the most fame: her relationship, marriage to and divorce from Jim Carrey.

JIM CARREY (7) On March 28, 1987, Melissa Womer divorced in the 1995 final. This marriage took place after a young woman Jane Erin Carrey in 1987.

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To date, her involvement with other men and relationships is unknown. She has not dated anyone in public since her divorce from Carrey in 1995.

Melissa Womer and Jim Carrey

Melissa and Jim’s relationship began several weeks after the two met at the Comedy Store in 1986. At the time, Jim Carrey was still relatively unknown, but he was already making significant progress in the eyes of the media. Through a shared love of comedy and an instinctive connection, the two entered into a committed and loving relationship. They confirmed this a year later, on March 28, 1987, when they got married at the Mahi-mahi hotel in Santa Monica, California.

Six months later, on September 6, they welcomed their daughter Jane Erin Carrey into the world. Photos taken at the time show a happy and adoring couple, but it wouldn’t last long.

The two endured a messy divorce in 1995, after just seven years of marriage. While they cited their busy careers for destroying their marriage, the fact that Jim initiated the proceedings sparked rumors that he would leave her to be with his co-actor, Lauren Holly. Womer received a whopping $3.5 million in divorce settlement, followed by another $7 million in 2003 for their daughter, after years of separation.

She wanted her daughter Jane to be able to maintain the luxurious life she had experienced under her father’s auspices. Melissa expressed concern for Carrey, who had witnessed several depressive episodes during the marriage, saying, “I’m nervous for him. I think creative people should be aware of the dark side that comes with the gifts they have. I learned that the smile he wears is the greatest mask of all.”

Daughter and Grandchild

In 2009, Melissa’s daughter married Alex Santana, the lead singer of “Blood Money” – a metal band. The two had their son, Jackson Riley Santana, a year later, making Melissa Womer a grandmother. However, the two divorced soon after, citing “irreconcilable differences.”


As she enters the later stages of her life, Melissa has managed to maintain her looks. She has bleached blond hair and brown eyes, is 170 cm tall and weighs about 58 kg, so with a slim figure. Her ethnicity is unknown due to her reluctance to talk about her parents and family.

Net worth and salary

As there is no information about her current employment, Wormer’s salary is unknown. The only money she is known to have received is the aforementioned $3.5 and $7 million from the divorce settlement. This makes it difficult to estimate her net worth, but according to most sources, it is around $7 million.

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