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Squid Game Reality Show Resulted In ‘Torment And Trauma’

by Ana Lopez
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Think how we all thought it was a bad idea to turn Netflix’s Squid Game into a real-world reality show. It turns out we were right, as several contestants sued the Netflix reality show for allegedly unsafe working conditions, causing trauma, and participating in a contest that was resolved. The reality TV series Squid Game just finished filming last Monday.

Four former Squid Game: The Challenge contestants claim they were subjected to brutal working conditions at the hands of Netflix and its co-production studios, Studio Lambert and The Garden, as first reported by Rolling Stone. Following the success of the wildly popular Korean drama, which racked up 1.65 billion hours of views in its first 28 days on the streamer, Squid Game: The Challenge was first announced in June last year. For a chance to win $4.56 million, 456 contestants participated in recreations of the show’s well-known games, such as “Red Light, Green Light.”

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According to a previous participant, “All the torture and torment we suffered was not due to the game or the severity of the game.” “It was scale-related incompetence; they took in more than they could chew. Ten contestants, including pneumonia, a herniated disc, a torn patellar tendon and an ear infection, required medical attention for injuries sustained while filming the reality show, according to previous IndieWire reporting.

IndieWire claims that during a nine-hour filming session, participants were instructed to remain motionless while playing “Red Light, Green Light” at 26° Fahrenheit (-3° Celsius). A spokesperson for Netflix said the company has “invested in all necessary safety processes” to maintain the health and safety of its cast and staff. All allegations of significant injury are baseless; the Netflix rep told IndieWire, “but it was chilly on set — and the contestants were prepared for that.”

Another complaint allegedly manipulated Squid Game: The Challenge. To artificially increase the tension for on-screen storylines, several reality show players, some of whom were Instagram and TikTok influencers, were written to advance to the next round of the competition regardless of whether they completed a game. A former contestant told Rolling Stone, “The strange thing is that equality and justice were the fundamental concept of the original Squid Game.”

Squid Game Reality Show
Squid Game Reality Show

Several contestants had their leeches go off and were simultaneously eliminated from the reality show in an incident that three former contestants call the “38-second massacre.” The contestants claim that the show’s producers fired them even after they successfully completed a game with enough time to analyze the round’s drone footage.

“They call it ‘Rigged Game’ instead of ‘Squid Game.’ Another ex-player told Rolling Stone that they call it Net Fix instead of Netflix because it was so blatant. Kotaku reached out Netflix for comment, but no response has been received since this article was published. Series director Hwang Dong-hyuk spoke out in favor of the program during a backstage interview at the 2022 Emmys, despite the show’s fundamental message that needy people who suffer in a capitalist system for the pleasure of the wealthy are treated unequally. to have. This left fans scratching their heads.

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“I feel that while our program has an important message, I am aware that it raises a number of questions if we add a cash prize to it. But I think it’s not the best thing for the entertainment business if you take things too seriously,” Dong-hyuk added. After the debut of the Netflix show, several impersonators emerged, including a video game and YouTuber MrBeast‘s live version of the show’s death games (without the gory deaths), in which 456 individuals compete for a prize of $456,000. Netflix has announced a second season of Squid Game, but there is no release timeline.

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