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The end of the Big 4′ explained: who was really behind the murder of Petrus?

by Ana Lopez
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The end of the Big 4' explained

The Big 4 is a 2022 Indonesian action a comedy movie written and directed by Timo Tjahjanto.

It tells the story of four retired hitmen – played by Abimana Aryasatya, Lutesha, Arie Kriting and Kristo Immanuel – who jump back into action when they cross paths with a straightforward cop (Putri Marino) determined to track down an elusive killer.

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The Big 4 Ending Explained – Who Was Really Behind Peter’s Murder?

After the second big fight between Antonio’s men and our heroes, the villain kidnaps Pelor and threatens to kill him if Topan doesn’t meet him back at the hotel. Dina, Topan, Jenggo and Alpha prepare for the final confrontation.

The next day, at the hotel, Alpha detonate a homemade bomb she affectionately calls it “Lucifer’s fart,” killing the majority of Antonio’s henchmen.

The end of the Big 4' explained

At the hotel, Dina fights and manages to blow the head off Antonio’s one-eyed accomplice, while Alpha a one-on-one battle with his tough secretary. Jango and Alpha eventually kill the secretary by sticking a gun in her bazooka, pulverizing her.

Upstairs, Topan is still fighting Antonio, who admits he wasn’t the one who planned Petrus’ murder, but refuses to reveal his employer’s name. Topan starts calling Pelor by his real name, Surrantu, as Antonio is about to kill him.

For some reason Antonio gets triggered when called by his birth name and distracts him enough for Topan to overpower him. In the ensuing struggle, Antonio falls out of the window without revealing it identity of his bossleaving The Big 4 in limbo as to who ordered the hit on Petrus.

Dina, the good cop that she is, admits she called back up but promises Topan and his three siblings due process. Instead of responding, he kisses her while secretly tying her up with her own handcuffs, allowing the four to flee before more police arrive.

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In the final scene, we learn that Hassan, Peter’s best friend, and Dina’s de facto uncle, has ordered his murder. But Hassan did not work alone; he took orders from a mysterious woman wearing an eye patch. And the movie ends with her vow to end The Big 4 and Dina once and for all.

‘The Big 4’ Netflix Movie Review – Wonderfully gory and thrilling

The Big 4, an exciting action movie directed by Timo Tjahjanto, is almost always a hit. It moves with certainty and is wonderfully colorful. The same can probably be said of the filmmakers, who I’m sure had a blast making this movie, because they certainly did.

The end of the Big 4' explained

The title refers to Topan (Abimana Aryasatya), Alpha (Lutesha), Jenggo (Arie Kriting) and Pelor (Kristo Immanuel). That’s the four of them skilled warriors who work for Petrus (Budi Ros), whom they call a father. Petrus decides to quit the job after rescuing children from an organ trafficking ring in the first episode.

He cannot continue his vigilante mission because his daughter, Dina (Putri Marino), is about to become a police officer. As is often the case, Peter is murdered case in movies when a character decides to retire from an illegal job. It rains the day he dies because even angels weep for the loss of a wonderful, kind man.

It should be noted that the sad scenes are in The Big 4 not that effective like other times. They are purely functional and give us just enough information about the relationships between the characters.

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The good news is that the movie doesn’t spend too much time drown in sorrow. Tjahjanto recognizes his strengths and, if necessary, switches to comedy or action to keep the momentum going. And the thrilling sensation he creates with his set pieces is just fantastic.

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