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Why does everyone say if 100 years is released we will all be dead?

by Ana Lopez
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Half the fun of being a movie buff is the anticipation of seeing a particular movie. It’s hard to imagine anything more exciting than watching the grand premiere get closer and closer as you wait in the theater for the lights to go down.

While entertaining, the wait can often be a drag. Studios and filmmakers now like to announce films well in advance. We’re talking about substantial movie releases that won’t hit theaters for the next five years.

Filmmakers are expected to work on passion projects for what seems like an eternity, constantly pushing them back because they don’t seem ready. We’d all much rather have that than a hastily conceived idea rushed out to move on to the next thing.

Fortunately, that is not always the case. There are times when a movie is announced and then unexpectedly arrives in theaters, leaving you shocked because you didn’t have much time to form expectations! There is a determination to do everything in your power to see the movies you most desire.

Imagine a movie starring one of today’s most compelling actors, accompanied by a talented director, but there’s a catch. Because you’re gone, you’ll never be able to see this movie. We’re sorry to have to tell you. That is the situation at hand.

100 years released
100 years released

The movie 100 Years, in which Robert Rodriguez, the creator of Sin City and From Dusk ’til Dawn, is currently in production. Yes, a movie was planned, made, edited and then hidden in a sophisticated vault behind bulletproof glass. Rodriguez plans to postpone this avant-garde sci-fi film starring John Malkovich to November 18, 2115.

The inspiration for ‘100 years’

The idea for 100 years came about intriguingly. Rodriguez’s upcoming (we’ll use the term loosely) short film isn’t typically inspired by personal experiences or attempts to portray the current political and social climate (especially in sci-fi).

The 2220 experimental film was produced in collaboration with Louis XIII Cognac, a company headed by Rémy Martin. The lengthy 100-year process involved in making a bottle of Louis XIII served as inspiration for the film and its release schedule.

Everything we know about the movie

Although the details of the motivation of the project have been shared with the public and Rodriguez fans, the movie’s plot is kept a tight secret, though we’ve been given tidbits of information. What is known about the story of 100 Years is that, you get it, it takes place 100 years from now.

100 years released
100 years released

The makers of the film have only slightly discussed their attempts to guess what the world will look like in 2115. To say that little is known about the plot is a bit of an exaggeration, as the public has only been given access to the most basic components of the story. The film is known to be based on some kind of science fiction, though it’s unclear exactly what type.

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Retro, Nature and Future are the three teasers

Three teasers were released for 100 years before the film’s release to give viewers a taste of what to expect. “Retro” is set in steampunk 2115. “Nature” depicts a post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed society. “Future” represents 2115 in a Blade Runner-esque neon future. Meanwhile, these clips pique our interest in the movie version of 2115.

Each of the three teasers is about 80 seconds long. Each teaser begins with 24 seconds of Malkovich putting Louis XIII in a vault. In 2015 he shot a film that will not be released for another 100 years, such as Louis XIII. A timer begins counting down to the premiere of the film on November 18, 2115.

Once the metaphor for 100 years is established, the pace picks up. Malkovich’s character, “The Protagonist,” arrives at a building in a teaser-themed car against a cityscape that reads: ‘Retro’, ‘Nature’ or ‘Future’. He and “The Female Protagonist” (Shuya Chang) run down a long hallway to a safe.

A timer goes off and the vault opens revealing Louis XIII. Malkovich exclaims “2015…” upon seeing the bottle, and “The Antagonist” (Marko Zaor) catches them in the act and ends each teaser.

If any of these three teasers get you excited for Rodriguez’s 100-year-old movie, lower your expectations. The description of each teaser says it has nothing to do with the movie. What will 100 years bring? We’ll all be dead, so nothing.

Our great-great-grandchildren can enjoy this sci-fi epic from Robert Rodriguez and Louis XIII Cognac, so that’s good. Those who wait for the release of this film will in any case see a fascinating experiment. This is not about money; it’s about perfecting the art, even if that means keeping it for 100 years.

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