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Reddit communities are taking on alternative forms of protest as the company threatens action against moderators

by Ana Lopez
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Multiple subreddits are using alternative methods to protest, such as publishing only one type of post, changing the topic in focus, and days when the community goes private.

Many of these communities took part in the June 12-14 Reddit blackout to oppose the changes to Reddit’s API rules, which could effectively kill many third-party apps. When the company — and its CEO Steve Huffman — decided not to make any changes, subreddits began pondering going dark indefinitely.

However, Reddit pointed out that moderators have to keep the congregation open. In addition, they cannot decide that their community should disappear without a public vote. The company even sent to inform to moderators who say they will be removed if they all remain particles in the blackout.

To get around the moderator’s takedown, multiple communities are conducting polls to decide what type of posts are allowed on the subreddit. They are too relax a bit regulations — due to the changes, moderators will not have access to certain tools, making their job more difficult.

Some of the largest communities such as r/photos, r/awwand r/GIF decided to post pictures of John Oliver and GIFs. In a tweet, Oliver approved this move.

In the case of r/aww, the community may also post photos Chijohn. r/iPhone decided to post photos to celebrate “dashing” Tim Cook.

There are also some really bizarre forms of protest:

While these methods are innovative and funny, we’ll have to see if Reddit’s management shows any inclination to give in. In recent interviews, Huffman vehemently defended the company’s API rule changes and said it wants to be profitable. He also suggested that these protests were led by a “small group who were very upset” and that it had no impact on the company’s revenues. Through these public votes, communities are trying to prove that a large number of people are unhappy with the changes made by Reddit.

If you are a subreddit moderator or Reddit contributor who would like to talk about the ongoing situations, please contact the reporter at im@ivanmehta.com.

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