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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date: Will it be on Peacock or Paramount+?

by Ana Lopez
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The Paramount Network is currently airing Yellowstone Season 5. The first seven episodes of this season have been streamed so far. Written by Taylor Sheridan and directed by Stephen Kay, The Dream Is Not Me debuted on Sunday, December 18.

The episode reportedly garnered 7.72 million viewers in the US, making it the most watched program on television that day. In light of this, we can safely conclude that everyone is looking forward to the eighth episode of the TV show, A Knife and No Coin.

Plus, the anticipation has doubled since it’s the midseason finale. A Knife and No Coin, written by Sheridan, will not be released on Sundays as usual. In other words, the eighth episode of Season 5 of Yellowstone will not air on December 25. So, when will it be released? Episode 8 will reportedly be released on January 1, 2023, New Year’s Day. Get ready to ring in the New Year with the Duttons by doing this now!

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date

The eighth episode of Season 5 of Yellowstone will air on January 8, 2023 at 8:00 PM (ET/PT). Don’t worry too much if you miss the episode, though, as it’s accessible through the app. Yellowstone then stops and subtitles are available. The duration of Episode 8 is expected to be approximately 61 minutes, which is similar to the length of the rest of the series.

Will Season 5 of Yellowstone be on Peacock or Paramount+?

Unfortunately, Paramount+ does not offer Yellowstone as a streaming option. The new season is expected to premiere on Peacock a few months after the season finale airs on Paramount Network. However, Season 5 is not available for next-day streaming on the service.

What time is Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 tonight?

Yellowstone season 5, episode 8 premieres January 1 at 8:00 PM ET Paramount Network. In addition, on the Paramount Network website and app, new episodes are streamed the day after they air.

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What can we expect from the eighth episode of Season 5 of Yellowstone?

The Dream Is Not Me covered several topics, including Jamie Dutton’s (Wes Bentley) violent flashback and how he prepared to deliver a speech to depose John Dutton III, the current governor of Montana.Kevin Costner). So whether Jamie and Sarah Atwood’s (Dawn Olivieri) plan to depose John is successful could be revealed in the seventh episode.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date
Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date

He’s bleeding and wounded, and he’s speaking to Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). As the trailer continues, Monica is seen interacting with a dressed Kayce riding a horse and John speaking. John approaches Kayce and others for help. Two men carry a body that is also present. A Knife and No Coin seems to give viewers a lot of shivers and thrills.

How many episodes does Yellowstone Season 5 have?

The fifth season of Yellowstone will contain a total of 14 episodes, divided into two sections consisting of 7 episodes each. The second half will be delivered in early January 2020. We have six more episodes after this one, so keep that in mind. As the midseason finale approaches, the drama should intensify.

How to watch Yellowstone season 5 without cable?

With an active subscription to fuboTV, Sling TV (via the $6/month “Comedy Extra” add-on), Hulu+ Live TV, YouTube TV, Philo or DIRECTV STREAM, you can also stream brand new Yellowstone episodes live or on demand. For new subscribers, YouTube TV, fuboTV, and Philo all offer free trials. Amazon also sells entire seasons and individual episodes of Yellowstone.

Is there a trailer for Yellowstone season 5?

There is in fact. Below is the trailer for Yellowstone Season 5:

youtube video

Last lines

A member of John Dutton’s family is killed in the “perfect death”, as the cowboys describe it, in the fifth episode of the fifth season of Yellowstone. But first a warning: this story is full of unexpected twists.

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