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WWE has been sold: Saudi Arabia named as a potential buyer?

by Ana Lopez
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When Vince McMahon returned to power, WWE went through another major change. Since Stephanie McMahon stepped down, Mr. McMahon has resumed his position as chairman of the board. Now it looks more than ever that the company will be sold.

Sean Sapp spoke about the rumor that Saudi Arabia is going to buy WWE. The same was said to him, but nothing has been proven. Still, there are some indications that this might be the case.

Saudi Arabia and WWE signed a 10-year deal to host a number of high-profile live events in Saudi Arabia. With Vince McMahon back in charge and looking to sell the company, the controversial Kingdom is a leading candidate, but nothing has been decided yet.

WWE is going through a lot of changes right now and Vince McMahon came back to help with a sale. This is an interesting situation and you never know what will happen if Saudi Arabia is a potential buyer.

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On January 6, frontofficesports.com was the first to report that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund may be interested in buying WWE. Reddit user kerrmit125, who has previously broken news, wrote “WWE is sold” on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday night, DAZN.com’s Steven Muehlhausen sent out the following tweet. “Sources: WWE has been sold to Saudi Arabia public investment fund. The company becomes private again. Unknown if Vince McMahon will return as head of creative, but some people are expecting it.”

Cassidy Haynes from Bodyslam.net also tweeted, “For what it’s worth, I heard the Saudi deal is done and they’re delisting the company.”

If WWE is sold to the Saudis, we’ve covered everything that needs to be addressed. Please tell us what you think in the section below. Just follow us on Lee Daily for more news like this.

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