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WoW Tombeur: How to achieve this achievement of the Love in the Air event?

by Ana Lopez
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During the global Love in the Air event that takes place every year in World of Warcraft, certain achievements require you to perform certain actions that are sometimes quite difficult to understand, or even to succeed. One of them is called “heartbreaker” and to be successful you need the help of several players to be the center of attention for a few minutes… But we help you to succeed, with several people and even alone!

  • This guide is valid for both “Classic” and “Retail” expansions of WoW.

Successfully complete the Multiplayer Fallen achievement

During the world event dedicated to love and sobriety entitled “Love in the air”, which takes place every year in the month of February, you will be asked about one of the achievements dedicated to this meeting event: to be the center of attention of several of your allies for a few minutes.

This achievement is “heartbreakerwhich is really only the first part, since there are two achievements that require the same action to be repeated more than once:Under the sign of love” And “Everybody Loves me !None of these achievements are needed in classic and modern builds to achieve the meta achievement. Artichoke heartitself necessary to obtain the famous and coveted Proto Drake for Crimson Available after completing all main achievements in every world event of every year. A rather difficult task that Blizzard did not deem worse by adding one of these achievements!

World of Warcraft

To complete this feat, the idea may seem scary when reading the description, but it is actually very easy to obtain. However, you must be helped by at least one player to achieve this, do not hesitate to join special groups through the Group Finder tool, or to advertise in the capital: peasants of high facts are likely to answer you!

For “heartbreaker“, the idea is basically that you are attacked by 10 beams emitted by a Manufactured love prism from another player. This common item can be purchased from any Marketband sweet in one of the in-game capitals during the Love in the Air event in exchange for 40 promises of love. Make sure you have this item to offer the achievement you covet to the ally who has agreed to help you, basically!

Once the Manufactured love prism in your ally’s hands, all he has to do is aim it at you and click it to channel a pink beam. By repeating this action ten times, you then achieve the achievement “heartbreaker“. If you want the following achievements, namely “Under the sign of love” And “Everybody Loves me !“, you must continue in the same way, but have been targeted by 25 and 50 charges of the beam respectively.

Some information to know about this achievement despite everything:

  • THE Manufactured love prism has a 30 second cooldown, so it will take you a while to complete all three of these achievements
  • It takes 5 minutes to complete the achievement”heartbreakerif you are helped by a single player
  • It takes 12 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the achievement”Under the sign of loveif you are helped by a single player
  • It takes 25 minutes to complete the achievement”Everybody Loves me !if you are helped by a single player
  • Don’t change phases while you’re working on it, the charges will disappear and you’ll have to start over when that happens
  • Don’t pour immune technique (divine shield, Ice block) or cancel the techniques directed at you (feign death) while completing the achievement, it removes the cost that affects you and you have to start over if this happens

Of course, several players can attack you at the same time with their Manufactured love prism, which makes achieving this achievement much faster! However, it is not easy to find even one player willing to waste 25 minutes of his life for an optional achievement, so much…

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How do I complete the Solo Fetter achievement?

Of course, we are well aware, as explained above, that it can be difficult to find even one player willing to waste a few minutes to achieve completely optional and useless achievements. However, there are achievement collectors and if you are one of them, we have good news for you: you can get these three solo! Yes !

To do this, you must use a secondary World of Warcraft Starter Edition account. This feature is completely free, no game purchase or subscription required, and you can even link this WoW account to the same Battle.net account as your primary WoW account. The procedure is not very complicated, because you just need to create an account and create a character on it to get started!

The result is ultimately quite simple, as you just need a total of 40 promises of love on a character from this secondary account to purchase it Manufactured love prism, an easy task that only requires you to kill creatures of your level in a loop. Once you have the prism, take one of your main account characters to the same location as your Starter Edition account and use the Manufactured love prism walk over him.

World of Warcraft

However, this procedure requires some time, especially for the cultivation of promises of love. But if you have no other alternative or don’t necessarily want to use other players, this might help! However, remember that WoW is an MMORPG, interacting with other players is important and vital to the survival of both the game and its community!

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