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WoW Dragonflight Frost Soul: How to get and use this part?

by Ana Lopez
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As you explore the Dragon Islands in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, chances are you’ll encounter inaccessible treasures or creatures shrouded in mystery. Among them we find souls of different types that can be used to create multiple objects through professions and everything we explain to you in this guide, from how to obtain them to how to use them!

What is the Frosty Soul for in Dragonflight?

I’icy soul is one of the required components for crafting items through professions. However, if it is essential for certain artisans, it is also essential for those who want to place an order for the creation of an object that can be crafted: it is up to the buyer to provide every soul necessary to to make the object.

Only craftsmen in blacksmithing, engineering and leatherworking have a real interest in obtaining these items, as well as players who wish to craft certain items from these trades, items often known as “BiS”, particularly those of the Frosted Soul that is particularly popular.

There are four different souls in total, each needed to craft very different items:

Earthly soul

Hearth Shield (Forge)

Hammer touched by a black dragon (Forge)

Anvil the anvil (Forge)

Environmental emulator (engineering)

icy soul

Unstable Frostfire belt (Forge)

Frostfire preparation boots (Forge)

Centralized rainfall transmitter (engineering)

air soul

Centralized rainfall transmitter (engineering)

Flaming soul

Flaming hood (Leather work)

Environmental emulator (engineering)

Where do you find souls for professions in Dragonflight?

Souls are a component that is both accessible and quite complex to obtain for players who don’t have equipment. Before you start looking for these unusual components, you should first acquire two essential items for this purpose:

  • 1x Gas Zapper Soul Inhaler : An unlimited reusable item that can be crafted by Dragonflight Engineers. You only need one copy.
  • 1x Empty Soul Cage : A single-use item that can be crafted by Dragonflight Jewelers. You need one cage per soul you want to capture, each cage is only usable once and disappears after capturing a soul.

Both items can be purchased relatively cheaply from the Auction House, or crafted manually by craftsmen of your choosing with a few components:

soul inhaler

Zapper Gazier

6x Handful of Serevite bolts (engineering)

2x Lightning Twist Spring (engineering)

3x Everburning blasting powder (engineering)

3x Oiled gears (engineering)

1x discharge capacitor (engineering)

1x Reinforced machine frame (engineering)

Empty Soul Cage

3x Broken glass (Jewellery)

2x turbulent air (farm on air elementals)

2x restless earth (farm on earth elementals)

2x restless fire (farm on fire elementals)

2x Restless frost (farm on water elementals)

For making theGas Zapper Soul Inhaleryou will need the following components if you choose to have it made by an engineer instead of buying it from the auction house:

  • 208x Serevite ore
  • 27x Draconium ore
  • 2x Khaz’gorite ore
  • 24x restless fire
  • 13x restless earth
  • 1x awakened order
  • 1x awakened earth

Now that you have these two items, all you have to do is find an elemental that can provide you with the soul of your choice, as no elemental offers a soul. You should prioritize the following elementals, which are known to provide them, although others exist:

Earthly soul

Earth breaker elementary

Shores of awakening

coordinates: 52.2, 30.6

icy soul

Source power

Plains of Ohn’ahra

coordinates: 55.2, 76.6

air soul

stormy colossus

Plains of Ohn’ahra

coordinates: 23.2, 37.6

Flaming soul

elemental fire

Azure span

coordinates: 78.4, 38.8

To capture the souls of these elementals, you mustGas Zapper Soul Inhaler on him and let him die while channeling. You therefore need techniques that deal damage over time, a pet or a spell reflection at the right time to finish off the creature once the bar of 20% hit points is passed, since you cannot attack when you channel the inhaler.

  • Important : I’Gas Zapper Soul Inhaler has a 30 second cooldown after use. Therefore, if you fail, you have to postpone time to recharge a little.
World of Warcraft

Once the creature is defeated and absorbed, you’ll get a docile soul in your briefcases that matches the type of elemental you killed. You cannot interact with it for 15 minutes after capture, after which it transforms into a docile soul that you can open and offers you the soul you’ve been looking for, and on rare occasions, a combat animal as well;

Last but not least, you have to wait 30 minutes before using theGas Zapper Soul Inhalergreatly limiting your ability to farm these tethered souls.

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