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WoW: Birth of the Hippogryphs, seasonal guide to micro events

by Ana Lopez
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Each start of the year at World of Warcraft, the global event of Birth of Hippogriffs takes place in Feralas in Kalimdor. This year is no exception to the rule, as the event takes place on February 23, 2023. During this period, you can get a small temporary mascot on your shoulder and defeat a mini-boss to extend its duration.

Launch the Birth of Hippogriffs event in WoW

To participate in this event, you must go to the Isildian ruins in FeralasWest of Kalimdor. Everything takes place here, from getting your little hippogriff as a temporary companion to battling the only mini-boss in this little event.

Remark : This is a very uninteresting event for players who don’t care much for their character’s appearance or “cute” winks. No significant rewards can be obtained with this, continue if you don’t get hot or cold when you have a hippogriff on your shoulder.

Quick trip to Feralas

To quickly access Feralas, use the portal to Uldum in Orgrimmar (Valley of Wisdom, near the zeppelin) or Stormwind (on the island near Stormwind Keep, follow the orange hot air balloon floating in the sky). Druids can also use one of their Legion Class Hall portals to go directly there.

World of Warcraft

Get the Ephemeral Baby Hippogryph during the Hippogryph Birth

Every year, the natural cycle of life is celebrated in World of Warcraft through this very special mini-event. Indeed, it is the season of the birth of the Hippogriffs that is celebrated, and you can be not only the spectator, but also a direct actor! This event only lasts 24 hours and allows you to get a baby hippogriff as a traveling companion, but unfortunately it only lasts a few hours before it disappears…until next year!

Whichever way you come Feralasyou’ll have to go Isildian ruins Bee South West of the area to have access to this exceptional event (at the coordinates 59.32, 56.80 approxthe area is big).

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

On site, and provided it is February 23, you will not only find many Acid Feather Hippogriffs, but also and above all just as many Hippogryph neststhese are also marked on your mini-map, making their location particularly easy if you’re in the correct sub-zone.

Getting your little companion is very easy from there. As you approach a nest, you will see in your chat thread that several sequential interactions are triggered if you stay close to it, indicating the following lines of dialogue:

  1. Oh ! Has this egg been moved?
  2. This egg appears to be cold. Stay close to him to keep him warm.
  3. You hear a kind of rustling in the egg.
  4. The Hippogriff over there is trying to break the shell.
  5. That is it ! The egg hatches!
World of Warcraft

Once the final interaction has taken place, the baby Hippogriff born just before your very eyes chooses to come and rest calmly on your shoulder. From there, a new buff called Acid Spring Hatchling affects you for 24 hours and allows you to have this little newborn on your shoulder for the duration! The effect lasts even after death, but also when you change your character’s appearance using the many toys in the game, so there’s no risk of losing your companion!

World of Warcraft

Where do you find Lorthalium during the birth of the Hippogriffs?

As with the Moonkin Baby during the Moonkin Festival, you even have the option to extend the time this little companion stays by your side. To do this, you must fight the Sourfeather Hippogryph Matriarch: Lorthalium. This one patrols South West of the Isildian ruins and can be easily defeated by any character, as it is a rare creature whose level adapts to that of the character fighting it.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

After beating Lorthaliumyou step on his corpse a Spectral feather. If you use it, you will see the remaining duration of the buff Acid Spring Hatchling go from 24 hours to 6 days so you can keep your new friend for another 5 days as promised!

That’s all there is to know about the birth of the Hippogriffs. Simple and cute, everything we love about World of Warcraft, right?

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