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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have officially confirmed that the movie Bad Boys 4 will be released

by Ana Lopez
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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the main stars of the franchise, have officially announced Bad Boys 4 on Instagram. The direction is in the hands of Fallah and El Arbi, who also worked on Bad Boys 3. Sony has also confirmed that the film is now in pre-production at the studio. After Will Smith’s infamous Oscar incident with Chris Rock, there were concerns about whether the picture would ever get made, but Sony’s Tom Rothman quashed those suspicions by stating that the project was actually in production.

Chris Bremner will write the script for the next detective movie, which will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Doug Belgrad, Chad Oman and Will Smith. Martin Lawrence, James Lassiter, Mike Stenson, Barry Waldman and Jon Mone will serve as executive producers.

How did Will Smith and Martin Lawrence break the news in Bad Boys 4?

Will Smith just posted a video to Instagram with the caption:


The footage shows Smith getting into his vehicle and traveling to an unknown destination while talking and filming himself on camera. He even danced to Shake Ya Tailfeather by Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee from the 2003 album Bad Boys II.

Smith stated:

“I wish I were you, not knowing what I’m about to show you.”

Will Smith

He then arrives at his destination and knocks on a glass door. Martin Lawrence arrives as the door slides open. Mike and Marcus reunite for the announcement of Bad Boy 4.

cries Laurentius.

“It’s getting close to that moment!”

Smith replied, “For life,” but they both eventually acknowledged that the pun may have been referring to a future movie rather than the one that had already been published.

Smith went on to say:

“We probably shouldn’t have called it that.”

Lawrence tagged Smith in the video and shared it on his Instagram. Lawrence provided an update on the project in an interview on the cover of Ebony magazine 2022. He stated that the Oscar event will not hinder the film’s production.

He claimed:

“We have at least one more.”

Will Smith

He then discussed the cultural influence the first Bad Boys picture, released in 1995, had. He claimed:

“It was huge. It was crucial for us to come together and show that we can deliver and drive people to the box office — that two black stars, two comedy stars, can generate money at the box office.

The first film made $141 million worldwide in 1995, while the 2003 sequel Bad Boys II grossed $273 million. Bad Boys for Life, the franchise’s third entry, earned $436 million worldwide, outperforming its predecessors combined.

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