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Will Miranda Rae Mayo Leave Chicago Fire? What happened to Stella?

by Ana Lopez
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Stella Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo, has been missing for most of Season 10 of Chicago Fire. The character has appeared a few times here and there, but has mostly been a minor character. Fans have even noticed this change.

Some people thought that Kidd’s decision to leave had more to do with the story than what went on behind the scenes. Even Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays Kidd, has been mentioned as a possible exit. We’ll tell you about Mayo’s history with Chicago Fire and what she wants to do once the show is over.

Will Miranda Rae Mayo Leave Chicago Fire?

Haas initially didn’t think Stella would be able to come back before the end of the year due to her busy schedule, but said in an interview that he was “pretty sure” she could. Stella arrives too late to replace Casey on the truck, and Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) already had plans to replace Jason Pelham’s (Brett Dalton) job to someone else. Stella’s future is now uncertain.

What Happened to Stella on Chicago Fire?

Miranda Rae Mayo’s future on the show is not in jeopardy at this point. All she does is stick with the storyline, which asks her character to take some time away from Firehouse 51 to focus on her Girls on Fire program.

Mayo casually referenced the importance of the Girls on Fire program in an interview with Hello Magazine. She wished for more Girls on Fire because she was interested in “watching Stella master her imposter syndrome and see her find her space, her limits.”

And I know the writers love her, so I’m confident the show will be fun to watch. Mayo also said that Kidd’s time away from 51 will be critical to the character’s development. She’s eager to see how Kidd fares as a leader in a new environment, without the comforts and familiar faces she’s used to.

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During your 7-day FREE trial of fuboTV, you can watch One Chicago alongside 67 other live sports and entertainment channels. When asked about Kidd’s future on Chicago Fire, showrunner Derek Haas said the character would remain in the upcoming tenth season.

But he did drop hints that Kidd’s career was fraught with tension. He told CarterMatt that this is something that happens often. “She’s pretty busy with other things right now,” you could say, “specifically, anything Girls on Fire related.”

No clear path forward for Kidd is in sight, but readers can rest assured that he won’t be far off in the long run. Been engaged to Severide (TaylorKinney), she and actress Miranda Rae Mayo are practically certain that they will continue to play important roles in the Chicago Fire family.

What Happened to Miranda Rae Mayo on Chicago Fire?

For now, there are no plans to replace Miranda Rae Mayo on the show. The actress is only following the story’s mandate that her character spend time on Girls on Fire instead of Firehouse 51. In an interview with Hello Magazine, Mayo spoke about the significance of Girls on Fire.

“I’d like to see more Girls on Fire, more of the character of Aaliyah and how Stella, Kylie and Aaliyah connect, to see how Stella navigates her imposter syndrome and how she finds her space, how she limits,” she noted. .

I have faith in the writers and I know they adore her, so I know we’re in for a fun ride. Mayo added that Kidd’s absence at 51 will play an important role in the character’s evolution.

Did Miranda Rae Mayo Leave Chicago Fire?

There is no plan for Mayo to disappear from the show forever. No news has surfaced to suggest that, but the reason for her extended absence this season remains a mystery. Her departure has created some tension, especially with regard to Severide, as it raises questions about the longevity of his partnership.

This has been a real test for a man who has struggled with abandonment and relationship issues for a long time. We can all agree that Stella’s absence from our lives is something we’d rather not see her prolonging.

We’re still hurting from Jesse Spencer’s departure from Chicago Fire earlier this year, and the organization has been through enough shake-up already. A little predictability would be greatly appreciated at this point.

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