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Will Deidre Hall leave the days of our lives in 2023?

by Ana Lopez
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Salem is a city where transformation is imminent. In September 2018, Days of Our Lives made the switch from NBC to the streaming service Peacock. Several key cast members have just left Days of Our Lives, a clear indication that sweeping changes are on the horizon.

When should we say goodbye to Dr. Marlena Evans? Deidre Hall has been a part of the program since its early days in the 1970s, but recent developments suggest that her days on the series may be numbered.

Has Deidre Hall left the days of our lives
Has Deidre Hall left the days of our lives

Is Deidre Hall leaving Days of Our Lives?

Despite the death of Dr. Marlena Evans, Deidre Hall will continue to play the character in Days of Our Lives. Marlena went to the afterlife with Kayla and Kate and they are all together in heaven now. In a supernatural twist, we witness the three protagonists just before they cross over, suggesting future episodes will feature more of Deidre Hall.

In other words, Marlena’s death won’t be the end of her performances on Days of our Lives. However, there are rumors that Hall will leave the program when the episodes of heaven to come air.

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Deidre Hall has played Marlena on Days of Our Lives for five decades

Deidre Hall has starred as Dr. Marlena Evans in the long-running drama. Hall is the second longest serving actress on the program, having joined in 1976. Top honors go to Suzanne Rogers, who played Maggie Horton. In her final Days of Our Lives scene, Hall urged everyone “Keep calm and carry on,” like That reports TV Insider.

Some fans wonder if Marlena would ever come back to Salem; after all, this wouldn’t be the first time she’s been involved in a supernatural storyline. However, at this point, Marlena is no longer a part of the show.

Is Marlena really dead?

After decades on Days of Our Lives, Dr. Marlena Evans has indeed passed away. On this day in 2023, January 23, Marlena tragically lost her life during the episode. In the most recent episodes, Marlena has been hospitalized after being poisoned by the same poison that killed Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). The latest victim is Marlena.

Before Marlena dies, John Black (Drake Hogestyn) takes her to the roof of the hospital. Unfortunately, Marlena’s death while leaning on John ends their romantic moment. exclaims John: “Oh gosh noas she ignores his advances. Sobbing, he says to get help. For Marlena’s sake, John hurries her back to the basement where her hospital room is located. The doctor, Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey), checks for a pulse before telling John: “I’m sorry. She’s gone.”

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