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Why did Iris kidnap Amaya?

by Ana Lopez
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Amaya, a little girl, is kidnapped during a parade in the touching opening sequence of The Snow Girl, which is the beginning of an investigation into her abduction. If you’re wondering what happened, you’ve come to the right place.

After Amaya disappears, a trainee journalist named Miren (Milena Smit) becomes obsessed with what happened. She teams up with her mentor Eduardo (José Coronado) to launch a separate investigation from the local police.

As the plot thickens to a thrilling conclusion, we learn the truth behind Amaya’s kidnapping throughout the series.

The Snow Maiden’s ending explained

The final episode of The Snow Girl takes place nine years after Amaya’s disappearance. The research is therefore long and complicated. The good news is that Miren thinks Amaya has been kidnapped by a woman named Iris, though she’s not entirely sure why.

She wastes no time and goes to her residence pretending to be a reporter investigating people living in the countryside. After resisting her at first, Iris lets Miren into her house before becoming alarmed by the visit and ordering Amaya to go right away, proving that the youngster had been living there.

Despite being warned by the police not to, Miren chases Iris and Amaya in their van, putting her in danger of returning Amaya to her parents. Iris’ decision to kill them both by driving off a cliff so that they “cannot be separated” made the situation worse.

The Snow Maiden's ending explained
The Snow Maiden’s ending explained

Iris, killed instantly after the van’s crash, leaves a terrified Amaya in the vehicle as Miren chases after them. Amaya is upset and shoots Miren in the shoulder with Iris’ revolver when Miren tries to tell her that she has been kidnapped and that her real name is Julia.

Miren manages to keep Amaya under control, despite being injured, until the police show up. At this point, she is transferred to a local hospital and her real parents are told that she has been found alive.

The police inform Amaya’s parents that their daughter has been away from them for nine years and needs time to process what happened and accept that they are her parents. Amaya is healthy and safe, but the show ends on a cliffhanger as we’re not sure how their relationship will develop.

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Still, she seemed comfortable with them sitting next to her and watching cartoons in the hospital, so it’s just baby steps. The episode ends with a screenplay two years later when Miren is at the book launch for the case with Eduardo proudly watching, but she also receives a suspicious envelope.

Want to play? It’s on it and when Miren opens it, she discovers a photo of what appears to be another missing girl, suggesting someone has been watching her and wants her to get involved.

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Why did Iris kidnap Amaya?

In the climactic episode, we also learned more about Iris and why she kidnapped Amaya. Eduardo knew more about her and provided Miren with the necessary background information. It turns out that Iris sought treatment from Amaya’s mother, Ana, a fertility specialist.

She decided to take dramatic measures to kidnap a child and pass her off as her own after becoming unhappy that she and her husband could not have children. Iris later turned out to be a widow. Therefore, it is possible that after the death of her husband, she experienced tremendous loneliness, which resulted in the extreme choice after learning that her doctor had a family.

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For nine years, Iris kept Amaya in her house and brainwashed her into believing she was her daughter and her name was Julia. She seems to have given her a toy, a room, and a pet to play with during that period, and everything seemed “normal” to others around her.

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