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Why did Britt leave the general hospital?

by Ana Lopez
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The long-running ABC soap opera, General Hospital, has been a viewer favorite for decades. Despite airing since 1963, it continues to provide an interesting and comforting viewing experience.

The hospital founded by Frank and Doris Hursley has been a soap opera staple, with its longevity attributed to its constant stream of characters.

Fans are currently curious about Kelly Thiebaud’s character, Britt, and her departure from the show.”

Speaking of leaving, next Brando left the TV show last yearfans were curious as to why another favorite character, britt, is leaving General Hospital.

Why is Britt’s Kelly Thiebaud leaving General Hospital?

In August 2022, Kelly Thiebaud’s departure from General Hospital was announced by People magazine. She would rejoin the cast of Station 19. Kelly expressed her excitement in an Instagram post, saying she was looking forward to getting into mischief. Her colleagues at General Hospital wished her well in the comments.

Previously, Kelly played Eva Vasquez in the ABC drama series Station 19 in 2020. Her return to Station 19 for Season 6 could lead to scheduling conflicts with General Hospital.

How was she?

By being killed in an episode that aired in the 1st week of January 2023.

Allow me to develop this further.

How did Britt die in the general hospital?

As mentioned earlier, Britt was killed by the infamous Hook Killer, who has been causing terror in the community lately.

Her mother held her tight as she took her last breath on The Haunted Star after a devastating encounter with the killer.

The tragedy came shortly after a grand celebration of Britt’s birthday. Despite her desire to distance herself from her family to protect them from witnessing her decline due to Huntington’s disease, her fate was changed by a chance encounter with the Hook Killer.

Thus Britt’s life and the story finally came to an end.

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