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Who Killed Malcolm In You Season 4? The Killer Behind The Eat The Rich Murders!

by Ana Lopez
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The wait is over. You’ve finally returned, bringing more murder and mayhem with you. However, Joe Goldberg is not in charge this time.

Joe moves to London in You Season 4 Part 1 after staging his own demise. Here he takes on the persona of English professor Jonathan Moore and joins a prestigious social group.

However, things soon go wrong. In the opening scene, Joe passes out from alcohol and wakes up to find his colleague Malcolm dead on his dining room table. Joe initially thinks he killed Malcolm, so he immediately disposes of the body.

However, at the end of the episode, he receives a text from an unknown person who confesses to killing Malcolm and leaving Joe to deal with the consequences.

The killer’s identity remains a mystery for the rest of You season 4, and they’re referred to as the Eat the Rich killer.

But who is the Eat the Rich killer and when does Joe discover their identities? What we learn about their identity is as follows.

Who killed Malcolm in season 4 of yours?
Who killed Malcolm in season 4 of yours?

Who killed Malcolm in season 4 of yours?

The Eat the Rich killer begins killing more and more of Joe’s social circle during Part 1. After Malcolm, both Simon and Gemma die. Joe also commits a small amount of murder. Vic, Adam’s personal bodyguard, suspects that Joe is trying to kill Adam, so in an attempt to defend himself, Joe kills Vic.

In Episode 5, Joe and his wealthy friends visit Lady Phoebe’s mansion. They begin to believe that Joe is the Eat the Rich Killer while there, so Roald follows Joe into the woods. Roald is knocked out by Joe, but Rhys Montrose then enters the scene and knocks Joe out as well.

After pinning Roald and Joe to an underground chamber on Lady Phoebe’s property, Rhys admits that he is the killer and that Joe’s past murders served as his inspiration. Then he asks Joe to kill Roald so he can blame him for all the fatalities.

Joe seems to agree, but Rhys confesses that he originally intended to blame Joe for Malcolm’s murder when he realizes he won’t kill Roald. The only time Joe looked at him and considered working with him was after he got rid of the body.

Due to Joe’s defiance, Malcolm decides to set fire to the room where he is holding Joe and Roald. He suggests they can try working together one more time if Joe can survive. Roald is saved by Joe’s escape, but the entire estate is destroyed.

Joe returns to London at the end of part 1 and sees on television that Rhys has formally announced his campaign for mayor of London. To find out if Joe stops Rhys, exposes him, or decides to team up with him, we’ll have to wait until Part 2.

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