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Who is Bryan Silva (aka ‘GraTaTa Guy’)? Why he was arrested?

by Ana Lopez
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Early life, family, educational background

Rapper, social star and bodybuilder, Brian Silva – “GraTaTa Guy” – was born on January 2, 1991 in Florida, USA. His mother, Robin Silva, was a housewife and his father, Michael Silva, was a salesman. He has an older brother, Philip Silva.

For family reasons, his family then moved to Charlottesville, Virginia Bryan was young until he was 12. At age 13, he moved back to Florida and lived with his father, but returned to Virginia the following year. A few months later, he was arrested for assaulting a school principal and burglary, and went to prison for three years. He completed his GED when he was 16 and still incarcerated.

At the age of 19 he moved to La Quinta, California where he started bodybuilding and joined the industry professionally.


His rap song, “Gratata”, earned him his recognition – the song is an onomatopoeia for the sound of a machine gun being shot. According to Bryan, when he was 8 he was a busker. He got a lot of popularity from his Vines until the app shut down in 2016. One of his most viewed Vines was Bryan bowing and yelling “Gratata”. Other Viners remade the video, giving the original version more attention. In 2013 Vine launched, in 2015 Twitter bought Vine and shut down the app in 2017, even though it had more than 200 million accounts.

In late 2017, Vine was slightly relaunched in the form of TikTok by a Chinese app development company, ByteDance. When Vine shut down, Bryan had nearly 300 million views. He chose not to move his content to TikTok, instead focusing on his rap career in more mainstream ways.

In 2014, he released a number of songs, including ‘Tony’, ‘She Call’, Swaggin, ‘Scary Site’, ‘Sway Like Bryan’ and ‘Money and Finesse’. In 2015, he released ‘Spraying’, ‘Trappin’ and ‘Foreign’. In 2016 “My City” was released and in 2018 “Flex OMG Yeah” and “Gratata;” he uploaded his songs on Soundcloud.

In an interview, he said that the support of his fans keeps him motivated to make new music.

Although he does not have the stereotypical bulky body shape of a bodybuilder, he has gained fame through his bodybuilding. Bryan has said that the way he presents himself to others sets him apart from everyone else.

On his YouTube channel, “Bryan Silva GRATATA”, two of his most viewed videos are “That FuFu Lame Sh*t I Aint Wit It! I’m Sending Some Pics To You Fitted” and “You Haters MAD. That I’m on #Worldstarhiphop “Yeah, you’re CRAZY because I’m #GODBRYANSILVA.” He stopped uploading videos to YouTube on August 9, 2015; his channel has 12 videos and a total of 138 views.

Even though he’s not gay, he loves being involved in the gay adult industry, and reportedly earned $7,000 for a scene.

Private life

On January 3, 2016, Bryan was arrested when Virginia, Charlottesville police found him in possession of a firearm and allegedly pointed the gun at them during their standoff. The incident happened after the then 25-year-old held his then-17-year-old girlfriend at gunpoint – she reported him to the police, saying he had threatened her with the gun. The police came to his house to arrest him, but he initially refused to come out. He was sentenced to six years in prison for contempt of court and possession of firearms, with four years suspended.

Brian Silva

Philip – Bryan’s older brother – was questioned in the stands during Bryan’s court hearing. He said Bryan is nothing like his internet persona but is a “good and caring person” who has since matured. He added that Bryan is devastated and ashamed of his behavior and what happened. Philip also spoke online about his brother’s fame, and the judge said he hopes none of Bryan’s young fans and viewers look up to him or see him as their role model.

In 2018, Bryan married Instagram model Lissy Silva (née Barney). From what they post online, they seem to have a happy and healthy marriage and often post about their daily routine.

His fans especially love it when Bryan posts about his wife on his social media, leaving positive comments and compliments under a photo he posted with his wife, captioned, “I love my wife so much.” Bryan and Lissy live in Florida – they have no children and have not expressed a desire to have one, but they have also not said they do not want to expand their family.

He often used the n-word, which he justifies because he had been ‘on the street’ since he was eight years old and because he was in prison. The use of the word causes a lot of controversy and many people disagree with him. In May 2014, a hoax by Bryan went viral and drew him a lot of attention – he was allegedly shot five times in the head and died, with the fake news adding that he was shot for his overuse of the n-word.

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He’s holding up a “bad guy” persona online. He pushes that story by getting multiple tattoos on his body, usually huge and related to drugs, death or murder. His songs mainly revolve around gangs, crime and breaking the law. He believes in the idea that men should be “macho” and have muscles, which is why he works out at the gym several times a week.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

He follows the movie industry and has said that some of his favorite movies are “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, and the “Rocky” franchise. His favorite actress is Angelina Jolie and his favorite actor is Vin Diesel.

He has been interviewed by television personality and stand-up comedian, Daniel Tosh as he rose to fame at a young age. The interview was featured on Daniel’s television program, “Tosh.0”.

  • Bryan has said that he cannot imagine life without social media and is addicted to all social media networks.
  • He enjoys going to nightclubs and parties with his wife.
  • He likes fast cars and drives a very expensive BMW.
  • He has a cat named Gucci and manages Gucci’s Instagram account with Lissy.


He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is 1.73 m tall and weighs 65 kg. One of his most popular tattoos is on his chest, with large hands and wings with a crown. He has impressive abs and a slim figure, with some muscle.

Wealth and salary

As of early 2020, his income is estimated to be at least $1,400 per month, and his net worth is $450,000.

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