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Who is Beck… Who plays him in the Netflix series “Choose Or Die?”

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For films like the Fear Street trilogy or the more recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre, horror fans have had many reasons to swarm to Netflix. Choose or Die, a 2022 British horror thriller from director Toby Meakins, is the most recent project for viewers to discover.

It was first known as CURS>R and marked his feature film directorial debut. We follow a college student who starts playing a strange 1980s video game to win a $100,000 reward in this movie starring Asa Butterfield, Iola Evans, Eddie Marsan, and Robert Englund. However, the bet proves to be fatal. After checking out, you may be wondering who Beck is in Choose or Die. Let me clarify.

Who is Beck in Choose or Die?

It turns out that the creator of the game, Beck, is identified during the recording sessions for CURS>R. In the film, Beck describes how his research group discovered a curse involving enigmatic symbols that directly distorted reality. He used these symbols to create the game shown in the film.

Who is Beck?
Who is Beck?

He explains how it works, saying that the more the cursed suffers, the more one has to gain from using the deadly symbols. Beck does an experiment where the victim eats his arm to demonstrate how this works.

As the movie comes to a close, Kayla receives a call from Beck, wanting to know who she would choose as the game’s next victim. Therefore, Beck is essentially the person who started it all; the genius, if you will.

Joe Bolland plays Beck

Joe Bolland, who initially made his feature film debut in 2011 movie This Time Next Year as Craig’s mate, plays the role of Beck. In the 2019 short film A Bullet Wasted (The Young Man), he played the young man in the 2021 horror film Martyrs Lane. (Freddie). The Trial of Christine Keeler (Boy in Club), airing in 2020, is an example of TV work.

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Who is Beck?
Who is Beck?

Beck accompanied by an impressive ensemble

The supporting cast and their associated roles are listed below:

  • Iola Evans as Kayla
  • Asa Butterfield as Isaac
  • Eddie Marsan as Hal
  • Robert Englund as himself
  • Kate Fleetwood as Laura
  • Ryan Gage as Lance
  • Angela Griffin as Thea
  • Pete Machale as Gabe

You can now watch Choose or Die on Netflix.

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