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Who is Aidan McCann from “AGT: All Stars 2023”?

by Ana Lopez
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AGT: All Stars brings spectacular performances and artists who took the stage by storm. Former contestants from the first program return in the spin-off season for another shot at the crown. Aidan McCann, an Irish magician who appeared on Ireland’s Got Talent at the age of nine, is one of the candidates about to return. His illusions were so striking that he was asked to join The Ellen Program after his talent show experience. AGT: All Stars debuts on NBC on January 2, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET.

Aidan McCann, an AGT: All Stars candidate, has put on magical performances in the UK.

Aidan is one of the rare AGT: All Stars candidates to have competed in more than one regional season of the program. He reached the season 14 final of Britain’s Got Talent and the semi-final of season 2 of Ireland’s Got Talent. His audition at BGT consisted of magical performance that involved the judges. He took Alesha’s ring and made it disappear. He then gave Simon a gift, including a watch with the back unscrewed and Alesha’s ring.

Aidan McCann

Aidan then made the ring disappear and reappear, connected to his own shoelace. Alesha Dixon was fascinated by the young magician and Simon predicted that Aidan would do well in the program. Aidan’s next performance was broadcast live from his bedroom due to Covid-19 restrictions. He asked David to choose a sketch from his hand. In front of the judges, the drawing he had chosen appeared in the envelope. He then instructed him to color it in while Aidan was blindfolded; the color the judge applied matched the colored image Amanda was holding.

The young magician and future AGT: All Stars candidate then revealed that he was dressed in the same colors as David. Aidan advanced to the final after winning the public vote. His second performance was a card trick where Aidan asked David to choose a card, which impressed and won the hearts of the judges. The judges praised him as a “minor celebrity” who is “confident and self-assured”, adding to his allure.

Aiden performed magic at Limitless in Vegas after his experience in the Irish talent show, making him the youngest magician ever to perform in Vegas. In January 2020, he appeared on The Ellen Show playing his own role Aidan’s Magic Corner. It featured cameos from the Jonas Brothers, Colin Farrell, Emily Blunt and Kalen Allen.

Aidan McCann

After BGT he was featured on BBC’s Blue Peter. However, due to Covid-19, he was unable to perform for two years but returned to the stage for the Blackpool Magic Convention Gala Night Show and the Ulster Magic Convention in Belfast. Aidan is about to return to the talent show stage as part of AGT: All Stars, where he will be joined by a variety of incredible talents. Watch NBC and Peacock on January 2, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET to find out what happens when the magician returns to the stage.

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