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Who exactly is Margot, Drew Griffin’s wife?

by Ana Lopez
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Drew Griffin, a journalist at CNN, died at the age of 60. The news of the death of the award-winning investigative journalist, who was married to Margot, sent shockwaves through the media industry.

Margot, Drew Griffin’s Wife: Who Is She Really? Keep reading the article to learn more about Drew Griffin’s wife and much more.

Who is Drew Griffin’s wife Margot?

Drew Griffin’s wife, Margot Griffin, is the mother of their three children. They have been married for a long time and have had a lot of fun traveling the world together.

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They lived together in their home in Atlanta, Georgia. Margot’s personal life is not very well known as she and her husband kept a low profile. But Margot and Drew’s friends and co-workers have talked about how much they cared and loved each other.

Kyung Lah, CNN reporter, said on Twitter: “When we were on a story together, I always saw Drew find the first flight to go home to his family.”

“He reminded us that journalism matters, but it’s those closest to us that matter most.”

Drew and Margot Griffin: Did they have children?

CNN says the names of the couple’s three children are all based on jazz greats. They have a daughter, Ele Gast, and two sons, Louis and Miles. In addition, they have two grandchildren.

What was Drew Griffin’s cause of death?

On Saturday 17 December, the experienced reporter and researcher lost his courageous battle against cancer. The 60-year-old did not tell colleagues about his illness, but it is believed he had cancer for many years before he died.

Chris Licht, CEO of CNN, sent an email to staff on Monday to tell them about his colleague’s death and to honor him. He said: “Drew’s death is a devastating loss to CNN and our entire profession.”

“Drew’s work had an incredible impact and in every way embodied the mission of this organization.” “He cared about seeking the truth and holding the powerful to account.”

Drew is remembered as a legend in journalism, with many of his fellow reporters paying tribute to him on social media. When he broke the news of a friend’s death, Don Lemon’s co-worker burst into tears.

He posted on Twitter: “We will miss you Drew. Such a good guy. An excellent journalist. An incredible loss.”

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