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Who are Tom Brady Kids? Meet Gisele Bündchen’s Blended Family!

by Ana Lopez
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QB Tom Brady Jr., born August 3, 1977, played 23 years in the NFL. He was a key part of the New England Patriots machine from 2001 to 2019, his first 20 seasons in the league. He spent his last three years in the NFL with the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay. In the annals of football history, Brady stands tall as the pinnacle of quarterbacks.

Who are Tom Brady’s children?

The descendants of Tom Brady with Gisele Bündchen and Bridget Moynahan are presented below.

John “Jack” Moynahan

Born: August 22, 2007

John Edward Thomas Moynahan, better known as ‘Jack’, is Brady’s first and only child with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s wife, calls Jack her “bonus son.” Moynahan said in a 2011 interview with More magazine that Brady was not present when she gave birth. He appeared there later that day and was present throughout.

“He wasn’t exactly holding my hand when I pushed,”

she noted.

As reported by People in 2020, a reliable source claims that Brady’s first-born son “loves football” and has shown an interest in the sport early on. The insider claimed, “Tom and Jack are pretty close.” Football is one of his passions. Tom is constantly on the road with him. There have been numerous sightings of him in his company. His parents have reported seeing him playing football with Jack and the other children at school.

Tom Brady Kids
Tom Brady Kids

Benjamin Brady

The date of birth was December 8, 2009. Known by his nickname, Benny, Benjamin is Brady’s second child and first with Bündchen. In a 2019 interview with Men’s Health, Brady recalled how hard it was to hear from his half-brother Benny (full name Benjamin Rein Brady) that he doesn’t share Jack’s passion for athletics.

According to Brady,

“He wants to do his best and never wants to disappoint his father.”

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Could you understand that your boy is different?’ Gisele kept asking me. The truth is that Benny has a unique taste. It’s perfect because now I can just go and do whatever he wants. We always have a great time when we do it. He exclaims: “Oh my God, Dad, you’re hilarious.” Since he likes to tease me, I often join in.

Brady gushed about his middle child Benny on Instagram on the occasion of his ninth birthday and called him

“beautiful, nice, wonderful.”

“What a gift you have been to us from the day you were born, our dear Benny. A beautiful, loving and wonderful son, just as we knew you would be!

He gushed.

Aside from making us proud parents, you also make everyone else happy just by being in the room. The first thing I want for Christmas is a new pair of boxing gloves because I just can’t stand them being thrown at me anymore.

Tom Brady Kids
Tom Brady Kids

Vivian Brady

Born: December 5, 2012

As for Vivian’s full name, it’s Vivian Lake Brady. Being Brady and Bündchen’s second child, she is the only daughter Brady has. Vivian, who has been compared to Gisele Bündchen, has recreated her mother’s January 2021 Vogue cover. Model Vivian posted an Instagram photo of herself posing on a horse, just like her 20-year-old mother did for Vogue.

Brady posted an Instagram photo of his daughter, then 8, and her dog, Benny, to celebrate her 8th birthday in December 2020. Hope you have a great birthday, Vivi! Your father could not have wished for a more beautiful daughter than you. He ended the letter with: “You are much adored (and always protected by your big brothers).

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