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Where can you watch The Watchful Eye live? What is the show about?

by Ana Lopez
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They’re watching, so watch out. No one is safe from sniffing glances and sneaky glances in the brand new Freeform original series The Watchful Eye. One of the sexiest new binges for winter is a mystery thriller series about a grisly murder.

Grab a blanket and cuddle up to the blistering new series as the snow and chill winds of winter numb you. Julie Durk (Grace and Frankie, You’ve Got Mail) is the author of the thriller. Along with Ryan Seacrest (American Idol), Nina Wass (Insatiable), Andrea Shay (Insatiable) and Jeffrey Reiner, Durk is also a co-executive producer (The Affair).

All smoke and mirrors, The Watchful Eye takes a predictable mysterious whodunit and dresses it up to perfection with a hauntingly posh apartment complex and sinful residents. To solve a murder, Elena Santos, played by Mariel Molino (Promised Land), infiltrates The Greybourne, a dangerous high-rise apartment in New York City.

Elena is a complex lady with her own secrets. Amy Acker (Angel) stars as Tory Ayres, the deceased’s heartbroken sister, alongside Molino as the other residents of The Greybourne who are hiding terrible secrets of their own.

Acker is a well-known television actress who has appeared in some of the most beloved shows of the 2000s, such as The WB’s Angel (2001-2004) and ABC’s Alias ​​(2001-2006). Matthew Ward, a Greybourne resident who employs Elena as his live-in nanny for his son Jasper Ward, played by Henry Joseph Samiri, is also played by Warren Christie (The Resident).

The Watchful Eye cast also includes Kelly Bishop (Gilmore Girls) as Mrs. Ivey, Jon-Michael Ecker as Scott Macedo (Firefly Lane), Lex Lumpkin as Elliot (Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered), Aliyah Royale as Ginny (The Walking Dead: World Beyond), and Kelly Bishop as Mrs. Ivey.

A legendary performer on stage and screen, Bishop has had a long career in the entertainment industry. She starred in famous films, including Dirty Dancing (1987), the Tony Award-winning musical A Chorus Line, and The CW’s Gilmore Girls as Emily Gilmore (2000-2006).

Where the watchful eye can be seen live
Where the watchful eye can be seen live

There’s no secret to watching the series if you’re wondering how. Keep reading for all the information you need.

If you want to read more about the seasons (where you can watch them), click on the following links:

Where can you watch the watchful eye live?

The Watchful Eye episodes can be streamed the next day Hulu if you can’t catch them on Freeform. Hulu has many membership packages, including an ad-supported plan for $7.99/month and an ad-free plan for $14.99/month. After each episode airs, it should be possible to purchase it on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube.

When and where will new episodes of The Watchful Eye air?

On Monday, January 30 at 9 p.m. ET, the network Freeform aired Watchful Eye’s television debut. The second program immediately followed the hour-long pilot of the two-part event at 10 p.m. ET. After launch, some episodes will be released once a week on Mondays at 9pm ET.

Watch the spooky, suspenseful trailer for the watchful eye

In the trailer for The Watchful Eye, nothing is what it seems. Allie Ayres, a teenage tenant in New York City’s lavish high-rise The Greybourne, is found dead outside after falling to her death.

Though it was ruled a suicide, her feisty aunt Mrs. Ivey (Kelly Bishop) senses it was murder and seeks help from Elena Santos (Mariel Molino) to determine what happened.

Recruited by lodger Matthew Ward under the guise of a nanny, she begins to look around The Greybourne, only to discover that it has many more mysteries than meets the eye.

What is the watchful eye about?

The Watchful Eye begins with the unsolved circumstances surrounding the horrific death of The Greybourne resident Allie Ayres, but it develops into much more. Elena Santos, desperate for money, agrees to snoop after Allie’s aunt, Mrs. Ives, begins to believe her niece has been murdered.

As a result, she becomes our eyes and ears in the eerie, perhaps haunted apartment building. The wealthy Ward family then hires Elena as a live-in nanny, and she soon becomes involved in complex schemes and criminal activity.

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Elena learns that Allie’s apparent suicide wasn’t the only bizarre death at The Greybourne as she digs deeper into the apartment complex’s history. As the complex’s hallways and rooms take on a life of their own, Elena feels like the walls are constantly watching her as she investigates the other crimes and murders of the elusive tenants.

The duo try to feed the wealthy while solving a violent murder, until her boyfriend Scott (Jon-Michael Ecker) shows up.

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