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What to wear on a summer beach vacation

by Ana Lopez
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What to wear on a summer beach vacation

Everyone dreams of an exotic beach holiday or a visit to Italy on a hot day! When you talk about vacation, everyone envisions themselves at dawn wearing a tankini and a Daquiri in the Bahamas.

Loafers, crop tops, salty chocolate skin and sunglasses add to the ideal picture of relaxing heaven. Spend quality time with your family and friends during this summer vacation by enjoying your favorite web series.

In case a summer vacation at the beach comes along, it’s about time you guys prepare your outfits for it. Ladies, it’s time to prepare your beach dresses!

Below are some essential options for bright outfits to make you feel like the queen you are.

Best outfit ideas for summer beach holidays

Sensual bathing suits, V-necks, crop tops and feminine dresses are waiting to be worn, embellished and accentuated by your style and figure. Here are some of our best recommendations for the post-pandemic season!

This never goes wrong, both in the club and at the pool. You know there’s always a party during the holidays.

You can dare to compliment your figure and accentuate your legs with a striking dress (or top if you like to mix it with leggings). This item is unforgettable, to cover up after lying in the sun or to seduce someone.

V-necks and sleeves come into their own in red dresses. It’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for both a relaxed and elegant effect, especially if you want to look perfect but don’t want to give the impression that you’ve tried too much.

Classy sunglasses and loose hair complement your style and good taste as a token of appreciation for feminine ladies all around.

Lines in a dress never go wrong, with contrasting colors and an elongated effect. A dress with line prints is ideal for a barefoot walk on the beach after dinner.

Together with sandals and your XXL earrings, this makes a good pair, both comfortable and chic. After the holidays, mixing with a leather or office jacket goes perfectly with an after-hours drink with your besties.

  • Dots on the beach

White and red polka dot dresses have been a classic fashion trend since Marilyn Monroe. This dress screams bold, playful and feminine at the same time.

It is definitely a must-have in your wardrobe, both as urban wear and beachwear that will never go out of style. And if D&G has reached the catwalk with these dresses, you can’t win this dress for nothing.

Rock this dress with an electric oversized beach bag and flip flops, and your good mood is sure to be contagious. You can also combine it with high-heeled sandals.

  • Use bold and vibrant colors

Mix and play with a bold color collared dress. In addition, midi dresses are suitable for beach dinners, clubs, cocktails or pool parties.

Imagine the great poses in your vacation photo book with those strong colors. You can also add an extra pair of sunglasses and a smile and you’ll leave a great impression on everyone at the table.

Here is another option for all laid back and laid back ladies. Bohemian screams grace, confidence and love for your body. Choose a fabric dress that hugs your body and caresses your skin in sand-and-wave tones.

This is also versatile and easy to mix and match, and frankly, you don’t need anything but lip gloss and playful earrings.

  • Audrey Hepburn inspired dress

Nothing says beach holiday more than a loose dress that emphasizes your figure with a mid-length belt in shades of blue.

You see, blue is an essential color in your summer dress collection. This always works with a straw hat and a neck piece. The best part here is that you can’t do it alone on your beach vacation.

You can also give it a twist by wearing low sandals, strappy sandals or sneakers.

You need something breezy and relaxed to throw on your swimsuit when you need a quick bite to eat after your trip to the pool or beach. A loose beach dress is an evergreen item that helps you recharge and cool down.

Long necklaces also complement loose-fitting dresses for that chic effect. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to play with chains, laces or feathers.

  • Animal prints for some warmth

Leopard print is making a comeback to dethrone snake prints. This has been one of the hottest trends in the book, so you shouldn’t pair it with a pair of strappy sandals with red lips.

So go ahead and try it. That’s because leopard has been such a long-standing trend that it eventually became a neutral tone. For example, Beyonce and JLo rocked leopard print dresses in the past, and so should you.

  • Floral dresses for chic vibes

Nothing says more feminine than beach holiday dresses with floral designs. Show your personality with bright colors. Boost your confidence with sleeveless dresses to accentuate your arms.

You can also go for vintage inspiration to add a laid-back look. Go for sandals or high heels if you fancy an all-night beach party.

Bonus – The slippers, glasses and straw hat

We know you’ve already prepared your beach vacation packing list, but don’t forget your vacation essentials. Get your fancy glasses at the glasses service on the same dayand choose the most comfortable slippers and the super eco-friendly straw hat.

This is also the season to be a little crazy. Wear cool, crazy hats that you wouldn’t normally wear. Go for a hat in colors or a hat that is mostly made of lace. You can also try a vibrant headband.

Keep in mind that your holiday beach dresses should be comfortable, memorable, elegant and affordable all at the same time. We believe that with the beach dress inspiration above you can mix and match and wear them in style.

From feminine to chic and seductive, this shortlist has everything you need for a week at the beach.

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