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What happened to Tina Ball? Height, power? Is she dead?

by Ana Lopez
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Tina Ball is an American former collegiate basketball player, who gained public attention when she became the wife of American former professional football player Lavar Ball, and then because she was the mother of professional basketball player Lonzo Ball.

Early life and family, education

Christina Catherine Slatinsky was born on December 11, 1967 in Miami, Florida to parents Robert and Catherine Slatinsky. Little else is known about her early life, except that she graduated from Alta Loma High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California in 1987 and was awarded a scholarship due to her outstanding high school basketball skills.

In fact, she was selected as one of the All-Baseline League in her senior year. She played in California State University’s Golden Eagles Women’s basketball for four years, leaving 8the in scoring with 935 points, fifth in blocks with 60, fourth in rebounds with 627, and eighth in free throws with 120. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from California State University in 1991, but did not pursue a career in professional basketball.


Instead, Tina pursued a career in sports, not as a player or coach, but as the athletic director at Vernon Middle School in Montclaire, California.

She is also a part of her family’s reality online show titled ‘Ball in the Family’.

Private life

Tina met Lavar Ball when he transferred from Washington State to California State University, and married her college sweetheart in 1997 – Lavar said during an interview that the moment he met her he knew she is the one he wants to marry and have three sons will bring forth that will dominate the sport of basketball.

After four years of marriage, she had three sons namely Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo. All of her children love basketball, the first two playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the youngest just finished playing professional basketball in Australia. It seemed that her husband’s statement when they were still dating is coming true.

Lonzo was the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft and went to Los Angeles Lakers, but was traded in 2019 as part of a package with New Orleans Pelicans to get Anthony Davis. LiAngelo plays for the Oklahoma City Blue under the NBA G League, a minor league that offers select contracts to those who are unwilling or unable to attend college and are not yet eligible to enter the NBA Draft. LaMelo is now predicted to be in the top five of the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft.

In February 2017, Tina suffered a stroke. and therefore had difficulty speaking and walking.

At first, the outspoken Lavar and her sons never talked about it, but eventually did in a few interviews. It affected the whole family, as she keeps them together, and Lonzo said, “When she went down, it was hard for everyone. That’s the first time I’ve seen my father cry. It was hard on the family…”

She’s doing great now, even going to her sons’ basketball games. Her recovery was documented on their online reality show ‘Ball in the Family’.

Who is Lavar Ball?

Born on October 23, 1967, Lavar Christopher Ball is an American businessman, founder of the Big Baller (BBB) ​​brand, and a former professional American football player. He played football in high school and basketball in college, and after graduating was on the practice team for the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers National Football League football team, but did not get the chance to play in an official game. to play. He then briefly went on to play with the London Monarchs in the World League of American Football and then retired from professional sports.

Lonzo ball

In 2017, he rose to prominence for making bold statements that made national headlines in sports news about the basketball skills of his oldest son, Lonzo, even before he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. He was entertaining to some, but just as irritating to others – he knew how to stir up the media and put his son in the spotlight. Lavar said his son is better than two-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) Steph Curry. It somehow worked for their brand, but also put a target on his son’s back. His parenting skills were questioned because it seemed like he put so much pressure on his kids. He even took his youngest son, LaMelo, out of high school so he could personally train him.

Some people appreciated his fatherly attention, but others criticized it for fear that it would ruin his sons’ future careers and that he is trying to get rich through his sons.

Lavar co-founded the Big Baller brand and is currently the CEO of the sportswear and merchandise company. He believed in the power of Lonzo’s branding, so he passes up any chance of his son signing with big rubber shoe companies like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour. Lavar continued his dream of making Lonzo as powerful as Michael Jordan’s brand. Most sports insiders consider him an unnecessary baggage that belongs to his son, whatever team he might belong to.

They released Lonzo’s signature sneakers with a horrific expensive price tagHowever, many complaints were filed against the company and it received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. The complaints were that they could not deliver any product on time, that the customers had received the wrong goods or that they had not received anything at all. Later, Lonzo cut ties with Alan Foster, co-founder of Baller Brand, for allegedly stealing $1.5 million from the company. He then stopped wearing the Baller shoes. and wore different Nike shoes in his games.

Lavar and his family discussed the situation and decided they could close the business soon.

Interesting facts and rumours

  • Tina’s second son, LiAngelo, and two other teammates have been arrested for stealing a pair of sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton boutique in Shanghai, China in 2017, a few days before the opening of the regular season of UCLA basketball games. They were not released until President Donald Trump intervened on their behalf.
  • When Tina recovered from her stroke, it was said that Lavar very sternly helped her get back on her feet and would say, “[Shoot], I don’t sit around all day waiting for you to cross the street; you’d better move out.’


She is 1.8m tall, weighs 59kg and her vital statistics are 26-33-34. Tina is white with blond hair and blue eyes.

Net value

According to sourcesher net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of May 2020.

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