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What happened to Stella Ritter? Who is Noah Ritter now? Bio

by Ana Lopez
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Stella Ritter is the only child of actors Amy Yasbeck and John Ritter. She started acting at the age of nine, then Stella decided to change gender at the age of 18 and became Noah Lee Ritter.

Early life, education, family

Stella Ritter was born on September 11, 1998 in Burbank, California, USA. Her mother is the actress Amy Yasbeck and her father was the actor John Ritter – she was only five years old when he died of aortic dissection on Stella’s birthday, six days before his 55th birthday.e birthday and a day before Amy’s 41st.


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The actor developed heart problems during a rehearsal for “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter”, was taken to the hospital, but died during surgery. He was previously married to the actress Nancy Morgan and they had three children, so Stella has siblings, two half-brothers and a half-sister – they all have careers in entertainment.

In 2008, Stella’s widowed mother and the siblings filed lawsuits against the hospital where he was treated before his death, claiming the aortic dissection had not been previously diagnosed.

Some of them ended up with a settlement, but there was also a trial for the doctors who ruled his condition as a heart attack. The jury found them not responsible. Stella completed high school in Santa Monica, California. Whether she continued her education in a university is not known as she does not want to be in the public eye and want to be in the limelight.

Family situation

Stella’s parents met in 1990, when they acted together in the movie “Problem Child”. The following year, “Problem Child 2” was filmed and had a few more projects together.

John Ritter

Amy and John married a year after Stella was born, in 1999. John Ritter had several award nominations, but his role in “Three’s Company” won Emmy and Golden Globe Awards in 1984. Both his sons from the first marriage, Jason and Tyler Ritter is also an actor and his daughter Carly Ritter is a singer. So all his children carry on his legacy in entertainment. Stella’s paternal grandparents were also movie stars – Tex Ritter was a famous actor and country singer, and his wife Dorothy Fay was a famous actress in Western movies.

Amy Yasbeck founded “The John Ritter Foundation” just weeks after his death to raise awareness of thoracic aortic disease. The foundation is committed to education, research and support. In 2008, Amy was on “The Larry King Show” explaining the symptoms and treatment. In 2010, the Foundation, along with the Thoracic Aortic Disease Coalition, released “Ritter Rules” to aid in symptom recognition and prevention. The John Ritter Research Program was also established with the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

In 2010, Amy wrote a book in memory of John “With Love and Laughter: John Ritter”. When Amy was asked in an interview for Access Hollywood as part of the book promotion if Stella remembers her father, she said that “she has great memories of John. Stella has a kind of weird photographic memory anyway and she remembers everything… she reminds me of things he said and did.’ When asked about the book, she said, “I have a, you know, a John Ritter-shaped hole in my heart. No one can replace that.’


Stella Ritter debuted on the big screen with a small role in the movie “This is My Friend” in 2007.

In 2012, she had a role in “The Namazu”, and the following year she appeared as Hannah in the short film “Hannah Lost Her Smile”. She has also worked as a composer, but the child actor took a break from acting, especially when she decided to start gender transformation in 2016, since then she has kept a low profile.

gender transformation

Stella decided to change her gender when she was in high school, so when she turned 18, she started the transformation process.

Stella changed her name and became Noah Lee Ritter; now the process is complete and she lives fully as a man, supported by her mother and siblings. Stella started hormone therapy, so facial hair started growing and she looked like a man. The news came from a close friend of the family who was cited as a source in the media. “John would definitely have agreed to anything Stella wants. He loved her so much,” the source explains.

Net value

Noah Lee Ritter’s net worth as of early 2020 is estimated to be around $200,000. When his father died, John’s net worth was estimated at $20 million – the family also received $14 million in settlements. Amy Yasbeck’s net worth in 2020 is around $12 million. A few years ago, she sold the mansion in Beverly Hills where she lived with John for $6.5 million.

Social media

After becoming Noah Ritter, all of his social media accounts were set to private. One of the reasons could be to protect themselves from harsh comments since the news broke in the public eye.

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