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What Happened to PBS Politics on Monday? Viewers fear the news hour cancelled!

by Ana Lopez
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A popular PBS NewsHour program called Politics Monday just disappeared, leaving some viewers wondering if the weekly feature will be cancelled. The Robert MacNeil Report, initially known as The NewsHour, has been a mainstay of the American political commentary landscape since the mid-1970s.

The weekly Politics Monday segment has established itself as a distinctive part of the program for many people across the country. In more than 40 years, the program has evolved into NewsHour as we know it today.

However, Politics Monday hasn’t aired on NewsHour in 2023, as many angry viewers online have pointed out, and co-host Tamara Keith doesn’t seem to know much more about the future than we do.

What Happened to PBS Politics on Monday?

When a user of the PBS NewsHour Reddit page noting that the piece hadn’t aired for the second week in a row, the discussion about Politics Monday’s absence online really got going.

What happened to PBS Politics on Monday
What happened to PBS Politics on Monday

The hosts, Tamara Keith and Amy Walter, were last on the air on Monday, December 26, 2022, between Christmas and New Years, when Keith spoke about likely 2024 presidential candidates.

“PSS! Don’t Stop Politics Monday with Amy and Tam! pleaded one Politics Monday fan on reddit, while another urged others: “Write to PBS NewsHour and express our support for the valuable contribution these women’s voices make to our news week.”

Walter and Keith discuss a variety of political issues on Monday, ranging from Joe Biden’s re-election chances to Kanye West’s turbulent relationship with Donald Trump.

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We recently covered other important news. If you want to read more about Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Kanye West, click on the links below:

Host Tamara Keith confirms that Segment is “on pause.”

Political Monday won’t start any time soon, which is a shame for those expecting a quick return. Keith has made it clear to her viewers what will happen with the column.

Keith first updated her followers on Wednesday, January 3, after being asked why the show hadn’t appeared the night before, confirming that “The folks at NewsHour told us (Keith and Walter) that the Politics Monday segment is on hiatus.”

Keith went on to clarify her comments on Wednesday 11 January, write: “I’m sharing this here because my entries are full of questions about what happened to Politics Monday on the PBS NewsHour.”

‘I don’t have many answers. I just want to say that the 7+ years I got to be part of the Politics Monday team with @amyewalter and the @NewsHour family have been a gift.

PBS viewers are responding positively to Monday’s update on politics

Many Politics Monday fans have taken to Twitter to express their dismay at the possibility of the show being canceled soon.

Responding to Keith’s update, one viewer wrote: “I am very upset by this terrible decision! You are both sorely missed!!”

Despite the apparent online backlash, there are no more updates from PBS, and it looks like NewsHours viewers will have to adjust to life without Politics Monday for the foreseeable future.

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