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What happened to Joe Goldberg?

by Ana Lopez
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There’s a lot to unpack as the first half of You’s fourth season has arrived after a long wait from fans. In the most recent chapter, Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley’s anti-hero, moves to London and reinvents himself as Professor Jonathan Moore. He’s even been involved with an intriguing new circle of young, wealthy Londoners ever since he’s determined never to indulge his violent tendencies again. But unlike previous seasons, Joe doesn’t commit the murders.

Members of Joe’s new elite group are targeted by the Eat the Rich Killer. Joe is an outsider, so it makes sense that the gang would be wary of him. But the irony is that Joe is also a target of the assailant, who seems happy to frame him for the numerous murders.

The first started with Kate Galvin (Charlotte Ritchie) and the rest of the group was introduced to Joe by his neighbor and colleague Malcolm Harding (Stephen Hagan). After the gang partied at a popular neighborhood hangout, Joe discovered Malcolm’s dead body on his dining room table the next day in the pilot episode. Joe used time-tested methods to dispose of the body, despite having no recollection of doing so.

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Joe eventually gets a mysterious message from a “high security chat software that knew everything you say” towards the end of the episode. The anonymous texter praised Joe for his quick thinking and discretion in solving the Malcolm problem.

The note said,

“Here I believed that when I placed it on your table, you would perish for my misdeeds.”

From then on, the killings and threatening texts continued, but in episode 5, when the gang visited a huge estate owned by Lady Phoebe Borehall family Blaxworth’s in the English countryside, things reached new heights. (Tilly Keeper). When Joe arrived, Kate was standing over her friend Gemma Graham – (Eve Greene’s Austin) gory, corpse, but Kate insisted she was “not a murderer”.

After Kate, with whom he had been in a secret relationship, pointed out that “this situation doesn’t look good for either of them”, Joe helped her dispose of the body.

Joe was told by Kate,

“You heard what they said.” “I’ll give you the finger.”

Kate later wondered if Joe had killed Gemma or intended to kill her too and why he was “so adept at hiding bodies.”

Joe said to her:

“When I found you with Gemma, I knew you either killed Gemma or someone framed you.” “Because Malcolm and I went through the same thing,” you say.

Although Kate and Lady Phoebe, who later joined the group, had become Joe’s allies, the rest of the gang strongly opposed him. Roald Walker-Burton (Ben Wiggins), Kate’s childhood friend who was also deeply in love with her, overheard her telling Lady Phoebe what had happened and went to stop Joe just as he was secretly stealing a bracelet Kate had lost from where they had left. Gemma’s corpse.

What happened to Joe Goldberg
What happened to Joe Goldberg

Roald led the party into a sitting room after bringing Joe back and saying Introducing the Eat the Rich Killer. Consider this: he arrives and our companions begin to perish. Roald told the group that Kate and Lady Phoebe called Kate’s guards as he aimed a shotgun at the back of Joe’s head and claimed to have discovered Joe in the game stash with Gemma’s body.

The gang did not accept Joe’s claim that Roald was the killer, despite his attempt to refute Roald’s claim. Then Joe made the decision to run, and Roald followed soon after. After a fight in the woods, Joe was able to knock Roald to the ground and render him unconscious.

Joe was still lying there when he saw the silhouette of a figure approaching. He immediately identified the person as the famous author Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), whom viewers first meet in episode 1. Joe finally understood: “It’s you. That was you.”

Rhys told this to Joe after he and Roald were dragged into a room and chained up after Roald shot Joe in the head with the butt of the rifle. “I wasn’t ready for this kind of face-to-face meeting. However, you soon found yourself in a difficult situation and it soon became clear that if I did not intervene, you would commit suicide.

Roald remained unconscious while Rhys described his sinister past. Joe was already aware that Rhys had grown up without access to his family’s income and only later in life had earned enough money to join London’s most affluent social circles. The two instantly hit it off over jokes about their aristocratic friends.

Rhys revealed his “plan” to them while Joe was handcuffed:

“We’re going to write off all the murders on it [Roald],” he said. After writing a letter about Roald, who wouldn’t be able to claim his innocence if he were dead, Rhys told Joe that he would have to kill Roald, but that he would handle “any other touches”.

Rhys backed off when Joe pretended to be on his side, giving Joe the chance to kill Roald. Naturally, Joe hoped to use this time to devise an escape strategy. When Rhys returned, Joe made up a justification for why he was trying to escape: It was hard to commit murder with his wrists cuffed.

“If you’re smart enough to get yourself out, I’ll see you back in London and we can revisit this,” Rhys Joe said after realizing the scam. He set the mansion on fire as he left by kicking over a candle.

When Joe broke free of his bonds and let go of Roald, Roald woke up. As the two couples tried to flee, Kate happened upon them and pulled them both to safety before the estate caught fire. In the fifth and final episode of Season 4 Part 1, we saw Kate and Joe meet for the first time after their chaotic country trip.

Joe was visited by Kate at his apartment, who invited him for a beer. To her obvious dismay, he refused, knowing it was “dangerous” for her to be around him. When she finally left, Joe turned on the TV and saw Rhys mention how many of the Eat the Rich Killer’s victims were his friends.

To “take matters into his own hands,” he declared, he would run for Mayor of London. Joe responded in a voiceover, “I know who you are now, Rhys. And I’m coming your way. After the fifth episode ended, Joe issued a warning in a preview of part 2: “Rhys, I know who you are now. You robbed me terribly. You think you’re just getting started, but you’re mistaken, because I’m going to stop you.” The second half of You season 4 premieres on Netflix on March 9.

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